Digital business models: The supremacy of ideas


Building digital capacity for the arts

Seminar 4: Emerging business models for the digital environment

The supremacy of ideas

Marcus Romer (by Skype), Artistic Director, Pilot Theatre

Does money flow naturally from the execution of good ideas or should creative

thinking be driven by the need for sustainable business models within the arts? Are there changes that can be made to the way you do business - perhaps, in the way that 'content' is delivered -- that can help to create a sustainable base for your business? How do you spot or make the opportunities?

BBC Academy and Arts Council England have joined forces to offer training and guidance to the arts sector across England on how to maximize the creation and distribution of high quality arts content for audiences on digital platforms, including online, mobile and internet protocol television.

The Building Digital Capacity for the Arts programme, announced in September 2010, will support the development of the arts sec...

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