Did Big Nintendo Switch 2019 Release Dates Leak? (ft. DirectFeedGames) | Rumor Wave


A UK retailer online made the news after they seemed to leak several release dates for games like Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion. Today we are going to take a look at the dates and rumors around these games and see if they make sense.

DirectFeedGames: https://www.youtube.com/user/Examined100

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What's the song at the end of this video? I thought it was something from bensound as listed in the description but I can't seem to find it on there


Remember Bayonetta 3? It was released in 2018 LOL.


What if Animal Crossing Switch has scary themed elements in it, like why did Tom Nook's office stop getting electricity in the Direct? Yeah that's probably not the case but that could be why they have it scheduled for a Friday the 13th?

Venomouz Gamer 

LM3 Hype


Fire Emblem Three Houses in April maybe???

Jay M 

Daemon X Machina  looks like crap.

Jay M 

Animal Crossing feels more like a Spring release game to me. Luigi's Mansion, definitely October.




Out of those 3, Animal Crossing is the one I care about the most. Sept 13th sounds plausible to me. A lot of their games come out on Friday too.

Side note: I like the '2 person Rumor Wave' where Jon can bounce ideas off a second person, like Nate in this video. More like this please?

Gaming Keyse 

I think the dates on animal crossing and Luigi's Mansion are backwards. Also, not sure I trust this source anyway because the prices don't seem to line up with other titles

Austin Koren 

I would love to get luigi mansion in July but they should release I'm october


Is Friday 13Th even a thing in Jpn?

Zachary Starks 

all those dates are on Friday,. i know some games release Friday,. but don't most games release on Tuesdays??!! Nintendo does release more games on Friday it seems tho,.

Aria Blarg 

I NEED Animal Crossing. I can't wait!

ถ Tho Tung 

Retailers probably "leak" dates to get traffic

CrisTohBall Tlacua 

But like mario strikers switch?? E3?


Fuck Animal Crossing.


i really don't want that to be the logo for luigi's mansion 3 the one from the direct was so rectangular and just looked well.

Kristian Kammersten 

Have a bad feeling about Fire Emblem. But if it comes this year I bet it will be May.


Nintendo Direct coming to Games Pass

Kayden Cantelo 

Why can’t animal crossing come out now?!?


Well Nintendo Games release on Friday

Jack Son 

2:03 except Switch is NOT a portable system, remember? Reggie and his legions of fanboys keep saying this is a HOME SYSTEM that just happens to have the capability to go with you, but you still have to play it at home. Their home game sales, even on systems with 100 million (Wii) only total about 4 or 5 million.

Fabian Stevens 

Waiting for saints Row 3 everything’s gone quite on it

Ethan R 

I'm excited for the first 2, but I have no idea what the hell DaemonX Machina is lol




I cant wait to pump another 200 hours into pokemon and animal crossing im goin to have the best town with an amazing garden and blackjack and hookers


I find it amusing relating games to a season they ‘feel’ like...Animal Crossing being a summer game...even though it would be releasing at the same time in parts of the world where the seasons are completely opposite.

nate joe 

That's the only thing that sucks

nate joe 

I want Luigi's Mansion 3 so bad Lego Batman $10 no f****** achievements

nate joe 

Animal Crossing I could care less about I never did like that game

nate joe 

Luigi Mansion 3 hell yes can't wait for that game

Jack Odell 

Was Luigi's Mansion 2 just a remake of Luigi's Mansion 1?

Coleman Paul 

I feel like they need to release animal crossing in the summer who wants to start animal crossing during the fall season? When I think of animal crossing I definiltey think of the bright colors that the summer and spring seasons bring


I see Animal Crossing being one of Nintendos big holiday release games for 2019. Now that we don't have Metroid Prime 4 some other game has to pick up the slack. So Nintendo will probably release Pokemon Gen 8 in December & Animal Crossing in September.


I'm calling it....Nintendo's April game will be Metroid Prime Trilogy HD. Their June game I'm thinking will be Fire Emblem.

LINK 7707 

Nate!!! Yeah!!!


Why was this a 12 and a half minute long video to show 3 "leaked" dates??


I believe the new Pokémon gen !! Is one of those games !


Bayonetta 3 would make sense as the October game in between two family friendly games in September (AC) and November (Pokemon)

Deric Gregory 

The only game already announced for 2019 that I'm really looking forward to is Dragon's Dogma. Guess I'm picky. Luigi's Mansion? Yawn. Animal Crossing? Kids game. Daemen X Machina? Not into the art style or mechs. Anyone else feel that way, or is everyone gaga over everything that touches the Swicth?


I really want to know when Crystal Chronicles is releasing.

Deric Gregory 

Early prediction: Animal Crossing releases at the same time as Switch Mini. Reasoning? They're both aimed at small children, which would make AC a good "lauch" title for the Mini. So I'd look at Sept 13th as a possible date for Switch Mini.


Yay luigi!!!!!

Renato Ramos de Oliveira Correia 

You guys forget that fire emblem is also set for a spring release, so daemon ex machina doesn't have to carry that whole period.

Chase Barker 

Well maybe next week

Grim Reeper 

Its weird to see luigi in july seeing as we have heard nothing about it yet. But September feels right for animal crossing, i hyped now


Big Nintendo switch leak? Does this mean Nintendo switch pro? Because "big Nintendo switch" "big".

Filix Kilix 

The timeframe between them, 2 months, makes sense, but I personally think that Animal Crossing would come out in August or late July, and Luigi's Mansion would be around October, or closer to the holiday season. For Daemon X Machina, I really have no idea.


Pikmin 4 is actually the biggest game to release in December.