Destiny The Taken King - ALL Dreadnaught Chest Locations (Ur/Xol/Eir/Wryding/Spawn/Scent/Maggots...)


Destiny The Taken King - Dreadnaught Chest Locations Guide

Chest Locations:

Ur - 0:10

Xol - 0:35

Eir - 1:14

Wryding - 1:55

Spawn - 2:14

"A Scent is Key" - 2:59

Maggots: 3:30

Gnashing Teeth: 4:44

Yull: 5:10

Akka - 5:50

"A Scent Is Key" Chest Solution:

How to Acquire a Key for these Chests:


- Acquire a Wormsinger Rune from a hive drop

- Insert it in “Crota” Chest

- Kill the incoming hive drop & hive champion (Ogre) to drop “Wormfeeder Rune”

- Complete Wormfeeder Rune challenge (Kill 50 enemies)

- This transforms into a RANDOM key (9 Possibilities)

Destiny The Taken King (Destiny 2.0) Playlist:


Bush Boi 

Yeah I found way before the chest that said scent and I'm trying to know what it means


what's the point of these chest they give trash loot that usually consists of worm spores, and blue engrams along with calcified fragments not worth it at all so much for the supposed exotic chest bungie showed off pre launch that's nonexistent...

Lachlan Hurburgh 

Never seen a legendary drop from one of these chests that require keys, just blues.

Sonic Gamerz 

Thx coz I got a "Key of Xol" and I didn't know what to do with it

Tim Hobson 

b nxn , dhwas


"A Scent is Key" Chest Solution:

Boudas James 

Where is all keys ?! :p

Weston Roberds 

First and thanks