Demo Financial Projections Business Plan For A Start-up Business Restaurant


Demonstration for completing financial projections using's Capital Business Plan Free software. The example is for a start-up delivery / carryout (delco) pizza restaurant. Walks you through completion of the sources and use (beginning balance sheet), income and cash flow projections.

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Timothy Davis 

Great review. That answered so many questions for me and was clear and concise. Thanks

Yahaira Guilfu diaz 

I cannot even log in. It is giving me a weird site and access is forbiden

Noa H Cohen 

WOW. I can't thank you enough for that video and excel sheet...

I've been struggling for a while making a biz plan, and got to a point where I couldn't wait any longer and needed to finish it in order to get an investment. You saved the day!!!!

Thank you! I know its free, but I would really like to pay for this. You did such an amazing job and I found it so helpful. Plus, you probably spent countless hours creating the website, table and vid. so I will be glad to pay, so if that is possible please reply here with the details.

The Collins Channel 

He sounds like a white Obama. No offense but that is pretty cool. I bet you would be a greater president than him. Anyway I'm gonna leave you with Allah Akbar!


Hi there. Registered, but when I want to activate, message is that the website is forbidden.

Alvydas Liūtaitis 

OMG this is worst tool i ever use in my life, despise fact that its constantly crash and have limited options to edit your text. anyway I took my effort and manage to put things in place at program but final file went different from one in program, some kind of waste of time i almost sure that it would be more successful  if I write my business plan with nail on the stone.

Huyen Tran 

Hi there, its a great video, thanks so much for sharing. Can u explain me where interest expense and depreciation in monthly projected income statement from? I couldn't find their formula somewhere in the spreadsheet. Thanks

Marina Robbins 

Retail/B&M Business:  Why isn't Rent & NNN included in the SU-Costs?  I am expecting to pay first, second, and NNN as a startup cost.  Thanks.

C C 

On SU (start up) tab (approx. 7:12), you mention you had approx. $20K working capital.  But on next tab (Funds, at approx. 8:09) in the cash investment from owners row, you mention you funded project with own money of $50K.  Isn't working capital same as "cash investment from owner(s)"?  Want to fully digest and understand this.  GREAT VIDEO, concise indeed.

Real Raw Records Inc 

Is this program compatible with a MAC

Tiane Hamler 

This video was a lifesaver!!!! Thank you so much for your help. I needed every minute of it!

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Mohammad Chandey 

hey...bro, Why whenever I need to register on diybizplan or capitalbusinessplan it gives error 403 forbidden, can you please send me the excel book u used on the video... ASAP

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