Defining Software Defined: An Intro to the Software Defined WAN


A chalk talk video with John Dickey, Talari Co-Founder & CTO

The right Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) can proactively manage network capacity, quality, and performance. Discover Talari’s definition of a smart SD-WAN including the architecture, centralized management capabilities, distributed client intelligence and most importantly—smart application and user-driven policies.

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Video Transcriptions:

There is a lot of talk about Software Defined WANs, but honestly, even more confusion. Many people have different perspectives and biases on what a SD-WAN is, and more importantly, what problems it actually solves.

A little background. Talari has been delivering SD-­‐WAN solutions since 2007.

We have hundreds of customers and many have been in production for over 5 years.

We are the innovator and proof-case for SD‐WANs.

Let’s loo...

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