Dee - Female Rig Hand


Savanna Energy Services hires both men and women to work the rigs. Our rig employees work hard, focus on safety, and work as a team. Delia (Dee) Dixon is a Leasehand (entry-level position on a drilling rig) on Savanna 638, a telescopic double drilling rig operating in Canada. In this video, Dee talks about the physical challenges of working on a rig and the stereotypes associated with women in the oil field.

Savanna currently has female rig hands in multiple positions on our Canadian rigs including Leasehands, Floorhands, and Motorhands. These women continue to prove their worth by adding value to the team. They continue to build experience and move up the ranks.

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Francis Legault 

I think girls should work just as hard as men. They do have an equal right as long as they can get the job done

Stress Belden 

If you can handle the work....go for it.

Best of luck.

Savanna Energy 

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Patrick Vand 

im a man but all females should have eqal right. :)


This is awesome. I dont have much experience but am so interested in the rigs. Sent an email to Savanna today so hopefully it brings out any kind of opportunity for me!

mona mousavi 

i am happy to see female in rig :) i will be there in 3 years hopefully <3

Galen Cox 

Keep up the good work Dee! It's always a team out there safety first. Keep the guys inline...