Decoding Layoffs And The Job Market In India's Start-up Ecosystem


600 by Snapdeal, 550 by Peppertap, 800 by and 1000 by Ola--the list goes on. Since August 2016, India's start-up ecosystem has handed out over 9,000 pink slips across sectors as a result of cost cuts and the lack of profitability. And they're not the only ones. Top companies such as Infosys, Microsoft, Aircel and more have also made headlines for firing large groups of employees recently. Join us on this episode of Heads Up as we decode why start-ups have been forced to conduct these mass layoffs, how ex-employees are reacting, how this differs from big firm layoffs and what industry experts have to say.

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Tadepalli Prasad 

More jargon than reality on grounds. Also easy to find excuses with out lack of infra for manufacturing, blame it on everything on earth!

Sagar Adavadkar 


1. Out of 100 people, 50 will lose their job i.e. 50% .

2. 50 new digitization jobs will come to market.

3. This means 50 different set/lot of individuals will get the job..