Debt Snowball and Debt Avalanche/Debt Stacking To Pay Off Debt


The debt snowball and debt stacking method are the two ways to pay off debt fast. Both of these methods work If you want to pay off student loan debt, credit card debt, car loan debt, or any other mind of debt. Is one debt pay off method better than the other? Not necessarily. Because something that may work for you may not work for someone else. It's the same line of thinking when it comes to which method you choose when paying off your debts.

The two main methods are the Debt Snowball Method and the Debt Stacking Method. Both are great options. The most important part is to pick one and just start. That's why in this video I will go over each method so that you know EXACTLY how to apply it to your debts. That way you can be on your way with managing those annoying things and start building real wealth for yourself!

Dave Ramsey has been known to recommend using the Debt Snowball Method, but the less known way is the Debt Avalanche Method. It is sometimes referred to as the Debt Sta...

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Jarrad Morrow 

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Bill Reitz 

Jarrod, loved the video and recommendation of the website,,to calculate the different ways of paying off debt. Best video I have seen yet. Thanks


Dang 64k even just a sample scenario scared me lol. I just started this again, luckily my debt is about 15k, though spread amongst 10 different payments which makes it hard, versus all on one or 2 cards. Oh well, the tough part is what about when you really screwed up and your income doesn’t cover them all, that’s the real battle, I know you took other jobs and stuff before, I think about that but I got other responsibilities too. Snowball is way better than the others. Truly motivates.

Take care brother. Good video. What state are you in, it’s ok if you don’t wanna say. See ya bud.

Nandan Kabra 

Hey Jarrad Please make a detailed video on 50-30-20 rule.Thank You!

the PRINCIPAL life 

Jared...great info! We have been using the Ramsey snowball method with success. I think a great side note would be using a monthly budget to free up more funds to pay off debt faster. I know from your previous videos that you are a firm believer in the budget! Great videos...keep it rolling!


Keep up the good work Jarrad. Have you thought about creating a podcast?

Thanh Nguyen 

Hey Jared! I like that you explained both methods and the pro + con of each! How refreshing it is to hear about both options. I really like Dave Ramsey and watching people's success stories, but I do not like how he has a cookie cutter response to everyone. LIke for me, I only have student loans and I am already motivated to pay them off using the avalanche method (don't need no psychological wins), just want to pay it off ASAP. I just wished that his advices were more "tailored" to each individual that's all. GOOD job Jared!