Day Trip and Jackpots!

Faye Petrack 

16 hours? lmao..... You mean 16 miles


Was curious about the copy-right issue you mentioned ~ from the casino?

John beck 

go to vegas to avoid the rain.

Alen P 

Let’s play something different!?yeahh....😂NOTTTTT


What casino you like better? Cherokee or the one by Murphy? I have only been to the Cherokee one once.

Candice B 

Left Lane Haters 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kris Fields 

Awesome video fun to watch! If you don't mind maybe mention at the start of the videos where your playing at> Thanks again!

Michael K 

Who the fuck has this cash?

Kevin Pham 

stupid intros...


Love the channel. What state do you guys live in? It's a pretty drive from your house to the Casino.

James Arey Slots 

Great timing on that Minor :)

Mariaelena Robledo 

Great handpay congrats. Great video as always. thank you for sharing. I wish you the best on your wedding a lot of happiness for you both good luck and many blessings to you Always. Congratulations.

Davis Ta 

I don’t see what’s so good about hand pay if you still lose or win a little, getting taxed at the end you still lose


🤔 do you mainly go to high limit? I go every now and then. For some reason I would lose $1,000 in the lobby instead of just going in high limit where I do 50/50 on winning. Witch do you find is better?


Don’t turn right ! Noooooooooo. 😂😂😂😂😂

Johnny Milwaukee 

That’s good, that’s real good


Always raining? Ha! You definitely dont have a black cloud over you man! Love your videos

Linda Able 

Just found your channel yesterday so glad I did!


Leaving with over $700. That would be a big win for me. (but I am a quarter video poker kind of guy)

Chris Thomas 

One of these days I’m sure I’ll run into you. I go to river valley all the time. I’m about an hour away from the casino

Todd Lundquist 

Also your other fans say what I thought...your personality makes it easy to watch...thx Todd

Todd Lundquist 

Very professional video...very entertaining and great selection of play...thx Todd keep them coming...

Luna Lovegood 

I’m now a gambling addict. Off to the pawn shop thanks A lot ahole.

Juan Abreu 

I enjoy every video congrats on 5k subs


Nice one


Last vid Decent? Right! LOL!

Joey King 

I enjoyed the drive lol


Nice Video brotha.. I loved that quote "In one ear and other the other" My wife sometimes watches me gamble, she will be bad luck saying well your just going to lose all your money on this machine blah blah, im like dude get outta here, here's another hundo go somewhere haha but she's always got her hand out when I have a handpay.. Great video bro!

Digital Wolf 

Congrats on 5k subs. Looks like the drive was a metaphor for the casino. First, starts off slow, behind an RV on the road and some pandas in the casino, then the fast lane appears, and Boom, you're off. :P

15 hand pays?? Holy crap!! Can't wait to see that video.

Congrats again!! You and fiance/future wife keep them coming!!

Palm Springs Spinners 

WOW that was an awesome video, dang that RV haha! 🌴🌴

Lissa Tee 

I’m so excited to see the Biloxi vlog! I am going to Beau Rivage and i hope you went there haha! I get a lot of free play from Harrah’s Cherokee but never win too big.

Robert Hayes 

Yo yo raja me Robert junior i have a complaint about one of the aponints of the game named bod he banned my whole family for no reason pls take care of that.pls and thx u


Of course it's raining. It is every time I visit. It's not to bad once you get to the four lane coming up, but the two lane through Nantahala National Forest is miserable in the rain. Thanks for the video. Glad you caught back up. It's tough to go in the hole and stay there. Makes for a long drive home.

Wayne's A Slot 

Great Video East Coast Slots!!!

Greg Scott 

This is my favorite slot channel. Great content and entertaining. Other slot channels should be more like this and not so self promoting.


Congratulations on your winnings! 🤑🤑🤑🤑

Degenerate Gambler's 

Who gives thumbs down on slot channels? Wow! Nice video and congratulations on your wins!🤑🤑

D Nonya 

Wow! I didn't get notification🤔normally I watch your video as its coming out! What I witness is Her money is her money, Your money is her Money!!!! That's my rule in my house!!! Aren't you guys getting married tomorrow?! Congrats on your winnings and your upcoming wedding 😍

Georgette Beacham 

Loved the video. Going to Vegas Tuesday the 21st. Can't wait. What casino has the loosest high limit slots

T&N Services LLC. 

Do you live in Canton? I'm in Ellijay. I making a right at that stop sign because I know it's 2 lanes for a while.

Snatchbox20 711 

Yay!! Can't wait to see your next videos!!

Scratcher Heaven 

Looking forward to your bachelor weekend vids!

Yolanda Roy 

Nice day, I need more, lol! Can't wait!

Jay Olack 

Like the channel. Just wish sometimes the camera is pointed up at the pinball and now down.

TeamSmellYourSeatSlots !! 

Thanks buddy!!

Justin Dahlgren 

You made me LOL twice. 24hrs sir!!!!

Diana Stephany 

I’m going to be in your neck of the woods in September.

J Peach 

feel blessed to always have rain. I live in vegas and would pay 500$ for a week of rain. the naps would be well worth it.



Carlos Orosco 

I was gonna say the same about the rain