David Johnson Cardinals Highlights ||Back "To The Top"||


#31 David Johnson Running Back Arizona Cardinals Highlights!

First Song: "To The Top" (Lil Baby)

Second Song: "Dark Knight Dummo" (Trippie Redd Ft. Travis Scott)

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N.L.A Films 

If it's at 360p/480 that means you're early!!

Shinah Dejolie 

Thank u

Shinah Dejolie 

Best runningback in the league and my favorite team and runningback

Shinah Dejolie 


Ahmed Ali 

The music chose is horrible !!!!!!!


Yooo that filter at 3:20 is great. Right with the beat and you can see the determination in DJ's eyes. Great work.


stop over editing just show the footage

Kasandra Sanchez 

Best all around running back in the league.

Cabo Jones 

Very underrated

Daniel Estrada 

Get larry that ring!

Chris Taylor 

Just wait Cards gonna do damage this year. DJ Fitz and maybe cousins. Even if we don't get cousins we will get a free agent and another qb in the draft

J.R. Williams 

Keanu Neal Dark knight dummo make it happen!!!!

Seahawks Rule 

He should go to seattle

swishgod cy 

Ayyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee thanks bro


Dang, Second part went hard. 🔥🔥🥑🥑🔊💯

Falcons Films 


Josh Hart 




NFC West will be the best division next year. I’m calling it.