Data Analytics: Week 1 : Introduction to Data Analytics

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Hi Profesor Paul,

First off thank you for this . Secondly, what would you suggest on how to start off my learning towards this ?

Thank you

sumayya Banna 

Great explanations of Data analytics! would you kindly email me the ppt slides to my email

Thank you very much Prof. Paul

Jeyanthi R 

Nice Video. Thanks for sharing valuable information. it’s really helpful. Who wants to learn this video most helpful. Keep sharing on updated video.

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Wijey Nagalingam 


Wijey Nagalingam 

very useful to start study

Cameron B 

Hey Paul I'm a student at uts and looking to choose data analytics as my major I was just wondering what's the difference between data analytics and data science. Will the major in data analytics offered at uts provide me skills into the role of a data scientist

Or is data science a deeper category of data analytics where I would need additional education such as a masters

Cheers for reading

Sree Chandra 

Good presentation ! Really helpful.. Thanks.

Sree Chandra 


john bake 

what someone study at uni to gt those skills

john bake 

what did you study?


I have 4 years of experiences in Payroll operations and compensation & Benefits, i am very much interested to get into HR analytics. please let me know things to learn to get into this domain.

Thank you

Peter S

Anselm Sunkle 

great work.. insightful....


How far Nate Silver has fallen...

Gail La Grouw 

Nicely done Paul!

Julian Bacallao Estrada 

Very good conference. Thank you for sharing the knowledge and information needed for data analysis and its applications.


Thank you professor Kennedy for sharing this with all of us on YouTube. I really appreciate this. I am currently a book translator but I have a degree in Science Management with a concentration of MIS, this is great review for me since, God willing, I hope to start a career as a Data Analyst one day. I am not sure if you will read this. But is a Junior Data Analyst an enter level job, if not which entry level job should I aim for to one day have the experience of becoming a DA?

Thank you again, and I will keep watching the rest of the great lessons!


What's the biggest difference between characterization and clustering? It seems both are described by the fact that they group your data into similiar classes.

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Great ...thanks

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Great..... I love this

Data Science Tutorials 

Very nice introduction, thanks for sharing.

Pallavi Singh 

How can i get ppt. ?

Xiaoxiao Lei 

I think it's better to provide slides. viewers can download and have a quick grib. it's a long video..

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can you share this ppt?