Damon Wayans - Last Stand (90)


The funny star of "My Wife and Kids" & "In Living Color" will knock you out with his very crazy controversial comedy routine. No one and no subject-matter is safe from this famed comedian.

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Channel:  FyahRas TV
Michael Green 

One of my favorite stand ups

Carol Sevilla 

Damon who? Oh the Wayans... LOL Yea I just cant remember Damon. 50 people just tried to remind me of Damon. I must be stupid not to remember . Oh well ...what do 50 people know ? Anyway back to Crosby LOL

eoin kilemade 

Joe rogan got me here too

Diya Jones 

DAMON:"Look! Fail me! Give the "F" and get the fuck out my face!"

HIS TEACHER:"Hey! Don't talk to me like that, young man! I'll call your mother!"

DAMON: "Yea talk to her she'll understand! As a matter of fact just write her a note and lick the envelope!"


Aaron G. 2424 

Rogan!!!!! Thanks man




Not sure I've ever seen anything quite like that. Cheers JRE.

Taku Te Puke 

The preacher part cracked me up

Aaron Romo 

Rogan called it. Not only was this shit so good, but most of it still stands up. And the end he didnt mic drop, he powerbombed that mf! How is this classic not more celebrated?!

Christian Dominguez 

Good Show!

Sam Mind Body and Soul 

Joey Hogan sent me here from #1223

Simply Average Gaming 

Wow so many people here from JRE 不不

michael paiva 


Aldriques Jacobs 

Thank you joe rogan

Ben LaDieu 

Haaa!!! So Handyman was a bit first. Love that movie.

Dogsense Foru 

Props 2 Katt Williams + Rogan 4 Wayans...

Rediscover Film 

Back when comedians were funny.

Robo Fisk 

Imagine the shit storm if Handiman was a sketch today. Wow.

I miss comedy.

Motivator Warrior 

Rogen doesn't disappoint

Ratchet Shaman 

" was he cool? "


this dude is truly about the art




jre got me here tool. This is a forgotten style of comedy! This really brought me back

Josh Morton 

Would he prefer the white woman not love him because he's black or love him because he's funny?


Rogan was dog on as usual, powerful hour!

Jacob Vega 



JRE got me here!

Try a little Tenderness 

Dont let me down Rogan

Hannah Wootton 

im white and id prefer the person on stage not to jump on me


Damn! It's like he predicted the future!