Dabo makes fun of the weather


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Paula Marshall 

I’m going to miss Hunter Renfrow!!

Complete Controll 

I watched a damn game in Boise, a Clemson win, ... at the very end of December.

Boston in November is a breeze.

ProudNavyDad SWO 

Play until you here the whistle.

kneelz s 

And the weather is offended

Nosaj Drewz 

Haha!!! Dabo not only clowned the media. He went Tim Bourett on them too! Now 6-0 in game played in 40 degrees and colder! You know that means? Bring on whoever in Antarctica!

I dont care!!!! 

Gonna mis Renfrow. Balled out last night.

Rome MeRome 

Good game guys. Let's keep working. We are not done yet. GO TIGERS! !!


Dabo just loves to make fun of the media making a big deal about the challenges the team will face. I am sure he thought it was ridiculous to suggest that Clemson might get upset due to the weather. Believe it or not...it gets cold in Clemson sometimes as well. It is just as cold for the Boston College players, and players usually do not forget how to play when it gets cold. They were probably still fairly warm from the great heaters that were on the ROY bus.


Lol 🤣