Custom LEGO modern bombers comparison


In this video I compare my custom lego b-1b lancer to my b-52 stratofortress and my b-2 spirit! This is NOT the full review and walkthrough of these planes though I do show a lot of the features the triad has.

Please note. I did not compleately design all of these models. The b-52 and b-1 are based off of Ralph savelsbergs models and I got a lot of inspiration from Kenneth vaessen on Flickr for the b-2.

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Gracely Sipin 

Hi jack


WOW just WOW, this projects really shows💕💖LOVE💖💕 and PASSION!!!



C-5 Galaxy Please


Nice steam and dark stealth light effects

M D 

where do you got the decals and stickers?


I stumbled across your videos. I am amazed at the level of detail on the models. GREAT JOB.  I am a big fan of the B-52. My dad was a crew chief for them at Westover AFB in Massachusetts , at Anderson AFB in Guam and Mather AFB in Sacramento CA.

Daniell the fox 

Look like REAL hot gaz that comes out of the B1

kamden barclay 

You should replace that EL with a DY cuz Dyess is the best b1 base. The fact Dyess is in Texas has nothing to do with it lol.

cool aircraft 

b52 strato fortress

Luke Wee man Perry 

You keep changing your mind on what u call the “AIRCRAFT “

Luke Wee man Perry 

Stop calling them “planes”

just a bomb 

Can you pls make instructions under your videos I really want to build these I have over 10million diffrent peices and I want to build stuff like this

Ty W6 

Did you have to order extra parts or did you have all the pieces on hand?

Ty W6 

This is amazing, all the. Bomers look ligit. I really like the b-1b

Jaxsen Bartling 

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Jaxsen Bartling 

It means alot

Jaxsen Bartling 

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HT Bricks 

I love the B52

Alan Adrian 

How much Airplanes you hef

Aviation Maintenance Tool Man 

BigPlanes ok thanks let me know when you do and will you send a picture?

Aviation Maintenance Tool Man 

Can you please add my sig fig and put it on your maintenance stairs?

Aviation Maintenance Tool Man 

Just uploaded 4 Museum you will really really love please check them out and let met know what you think and which one is your favorite. I will have more to come tomorrow

Robert Harris 

Can you show us how to make a full simple plane not too big but something we can follow and build ourselves

Aviation Maintenance Tool Man 

It didn’t show up

Aviation Maintenance Tool Man 

Did you reply to my message?


The B1 Lancer is my favorite

Vlad Popovski 

Noicceee :D

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Aerocraft 9815 



Tu 154 please

just plane crazy 

My fav is the b1

Aviation Maintenance Tool Man 

Mine is the B-52. Can’t wait for the 707


i love the B52 Bummer

Ghost Bean 

Dude that inrto was so awesome that smoke and the lights

Colin Maguire 

For you megaphone tutorial, it's great. But the thing I have most trouble with is fuselage. Are you ever going to do a video on them, or maybe at least on of the types?

Adrian Byrd 

i love it

Adrian Byrd 

that's a lot of bombers

Airstrip Kid 

I love the special effects!

The dank lords are here 

How would I make a mig 15s wings strong, while only using 1x2x2 sloped bricks??

Aviation Maintenance Tool Man 

Absolutely amazing

Austin Harnish 

My favorite is the b-2 spirit

Austin Harnish 

I don’t know how you do it. Keep working hard

Infinite Flight Online 

That’s Amazing 😉 first