Crusader Kings 2 Holy Fury Bohemia Gameplay - Part 51 - Let's Play Walkthrough


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Hey guys, this is the 51st part of this Playthrough / Walkthrough / Let's Play of the Real Time Strategy Simulator Game Crusader Kings II for PC featuring Gameplay with Live English Commentary!

In this playthrough we guide our family from the small Slavic Pagan Tribe of Bohemia in the modern day Czech Republic towards our goal of making an empire! This playthrough is with every DLC, including Holy Fury! Will we reform Slavic Paganism or will we convert to a more organised religion? Only time will tell!

Enjoy CK2!

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I don't know if any one has said this but maybe he couldn't mass convert you because he's a tribal I'm not sure if this is true it's just a guess

Marc Nassif 

Hey I caught the rest of the stream on twitch and just wanted to tell yoy: make sure you siege at least one holding in each revolt QUICK. The ticking warscore already gave one -15% and reset the other from 10% to 0%

So hurry up!

Blackskull dragon18 

Well It was my birthday today


"[x] Emperor DunkProphet is of a religion that allows demanding religious conversion".... whoops!


This episode was an absolute rollercoaster. I need to lay down so I can recover...


It's like the jewish guy woke up one morning to suddenly find he was the king of Poland... lol and then a month later, he woke up dead... hehe

Phillip Bates 

MDB: *_gives Jew a county_*

Vassals: *_takes county from Jew_*

MDB: *_gives Jew a county and grants Jew independence_*

Vassals: *_conquers Jew_*

MDB: *_grants Jew kingdom...then kills Jew_*

Is it just me, or is this historical simulation eerily accurate on the mistreatment of the Jews? 😂😂😂

Random Games K0101 


Aaron Huros 

All of the jews are incredibly skilled, you will be a super power haha. Its a shame that you had to lose poland and all that money tho


Gay hind...

Ben Gosson 

You should play risk legacy on starcraft 2

Mr. F2P