Creating a new user in phpMyAdmin / MySQL

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Chamayia Kafi 

Why do we chose local host instead of any host ? Will we be able to change it latter ? Thank you

Arlet Castillo 

thank you, very helpful, i would add that if the login window of php appears instead of the local page, on the user name field write root and then click go (password field empty) to enter the local page where you started the video

sudhakar reddy chintareddy 

sir what to do if not showing the add new account in uer account

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thank you very very much

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Thank You Very Much Useful info()


How do you access phpmyadmin?

Dipanjan Kundu 

Thanks...!!! :-)

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Thank You very Much for this Video!!!!!!

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Please someone create localhost account for me ;(


Yet another great tutorial.

Would it be possible for you to make a tutorial showing how to install Ioncube also ?