Creating Icons: Lee Clow at TEDxChapmanU


Creative genius Lee Clow shares his thoughts on what makes a genius, icon, and maverick and provides great insight into how intensity, passion, and desire led him to the successful career he has today. He touches on his working relationship with Steve Jobs and how the experience impacted his life.

Lee Clow is Chairman and Global Director for TBWA/Worldwide/Chiat/Day, and best known for his long-standing creative direction for many iconic brands, including Apple Computer. His claim to fame was due to his co-creation of Apple Computer's 1984 commercial, which launched the Apple Macintosh and the "Think Different" slogan. The 60-second TV spot was made for a budget of $900,000 and is considered to be the most famous commercial in advertising. Lee was long time friends and cohorts with Steve Jobs, and has many stories to share over their years together. Lee is also known for his work turning other brands into icons, including Energizer Bunny, Taco Bell chihuahua, and California Cooler. He...

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Dianne Patrizzi 

My late sister studied Fine Art at Chapman U and I took an ad making workshop with Lee Clow.