Courtney Love - Never Go Hungry (Live Acoustic)

L D 

After being in the industry for what...over 26 years? Why claim to play guitar? This isn't good...And I'm a fan of Hole.

Teej Rakes 

I fucking love this song. I see a shit ton of people in the comments below don’t actually play guitar. Y’all need to go home and leave this woman alone.

Elaine Cristina 


Kevin Johnson 

4:20 confirms she's definitely not playing the guitar

Ben H 

With regard to all the comments below about her guitar playing... She is clearly playing downstrokes only. She's not much of a guitarist, but she can play enough chords to get away with it. How many people can play the guitar at all? Not that many? Leave her alone, she's nuts but she is totes cool. I'm definitely right 'cos I've got a degree



Tiffany Clark- Grove 

this is her creepy masturbation rhythmm. this false strumming. this who is striving on satan juice. the fire awaits this he /


Tiffany Clark- Grove 

ugly who


Some silly negative comments I see. She IS playing guitar. Sound travels slower than light so it doesnt quite sync up to this camera back in the crowd. Also this is an awsome performance. It's not a voice talent show. Its authentic punk rock and if it had Hole behind it, you would understand what I mean.

The Dummy 

She not playing the guitar look at her strumming hand and timing with the actual guitar playing you hear lol it’s not her playing 😂




How did this woman make it? She really sucks!

Whitney Grace 

The strumming in no way matches the actual sound thats coming out. Also why is her right arm having a seizure?

Eugenio Mugnai 

Layne Staley plays the guitar better, and he's not even a guitarist


Is this video messed up, Courtney is strumming twice as fast as the guitar sound is playing. ???

The Dummy 

By the way Courtney fans don't get too mad because Elvis couldn't play also but use his guitar for a prop as well an pretend to well on it.. in this video I don't this she really playing also the strumming looks way out of wack to go with the actual rhythm an cord change don't match up a few times

The Dummy 

You all do know Courtney can't play the guitar very well.. there's a video where a guy who produced or mix a live concert exposed it lol he was told to mix out her guitar that was turned way down so people live could not hear it so he made a version where he turns up her guitar an voice an mutes out the rest of the band an it's awful lol

Craig Oz 

This is really, really awful. Love Holes first three albums so much. Then I hear this and I'm shocked at how bad she is.


Why in the name of fuck would anyone pay to see this person "play music"?

Jorge Pacheco 

this is great!

Meg Kampen 

God she awful on the guitar! Her voice is out of key when she tries to go up one octave!

Nilson Nobre 

awesome performance, love it


sounds great