Cosmic Quandaries with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson


An out of this world event, Cosmic Quandaries, held at The Palladium in St. Petersburg at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 26th drew in an audience of nearly 800! With a one in a million chance of meeting one of only 6,000 astrophysicists in the world, audience members were lined up in order to have the opportunity to ask Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson a question on any and all galactic wonders they may have.

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@48 "when two blacks holes collide they will eat each other and will make a black hole twice as large as the one they started with". Not true the new black hole mass formed will be less than the two black holes mass before the collision because some of the mass is converted to energy to the gravitational waves they created.

Angela Andel 

Imagine how much more I could have got if the sky were correct! Lmao!

Tantiwa Hopak 

44:55 that was epic

Boris Milov 

Is it a new Eddie Murphy stand-up?

Thomas S. 

Neil DeGrasse Tyson = James Brown + John Shaft of Astrophysics :)


I wonder what happened to that kid Clayton who asked the question regarding colliding black holes. As of 2018 he should now be in year 12 where Neil said he should be back when this video was uploaded.


Yes, we have a Hubble telescope. How much longer will the prime directive remain in effect? Because as quaint and as savage as we may appear to be, it may be more productive and more useful if you would stand and pose for a few seconds in front of the telescope and smile so that perhaps we here would lay aside our irrelevant squabbles and know that there is something else to which we should aspire as a collective for us to assume a greater role in this universe. If we are not yet ready for first contact, then take action to get us ready. Some of us will cooperate.

David Nathaniel 

"Dark matter" is the vain musings of the pseudo-scientific community which is a religion in itself requiring faith in its "theories." Exceedingly dark indeed! Masonic magic.

David Nathaniel 

"BLACK holes" "DARK matter" these terms follow a malevolent masonic agenda to frighten and belittle. God laughs at them incessantly.




Almost a million views!


Amazing talk!

Mo Mentum 

The girl in the blue shirt :$ OH LORD

Antione Berry 

listen people i don't want to hear right wing gibberish or left wing gibberish I want 100%pencent scientific research and scientific facts period!

Antione Berry 

listen people i do not care about pluto period i only care about planet earth period 🌎🇺🇸🇻🇮!

Antione Berry 

i like dr neil degrasse tyson we need more black scientists and brainy smart man in north america 🇺🇸🇻🇮!

Kristoffer Tell 

Why is there always such a time constraint during these things?

philip stien 

I don't know why those other people bothered turning up......he can talk the hind leg off a donkey

Adin Icic 

Neil has a point about Arthur C. Clark and how he views technology and science fiction. Clark knew human psychology and understood that society these days doesn't focus on creating technology that would improve human life but only what would make life more convenient. That is why we improve our smartphone and have a bliss when new iPhone comes out and would pay arm and leg for it. Yet our quality technology is at a standstill.


I have been literally sharing Neil Degrasse Tyson talk for days on end. What I picked up in that time is he's very smart, funny, and never seems to shut up about Pluto 😂

Chankey Pathak 

I so wish that kid to post his comment on this video <3


Eyewitness testimony is actually first-person experience not hearsay 35 times removed.

Nick B 

It would really suck if we didn't have the capacity to learn all the laws of physics for the same reason a primate can't do math.

Dan Driscoll Masonry & Chimney Service 

yoyoing through the earth forever? utterly ridiculous

Darwin Leonardi 

that kid who said blackhole collide with blackhole are smart... yes truly.

godless heathen 

Did that really take 1 hr 28 minutes. ..???? how time flies. .

Edwin Fernández 

And yet we pet the chimps and eat others animals... they will probably do the same to us.

Jaguar Paw 

Dr Tyson is such a rock star!!!

James Foote 

I agree with sun of god great name by the way he really is very good at talking to thick sods like myself

Rich Honour 

the man wants to know about galaxies, that's all

Ben Velasquez 

What if, the story of multi-universe is true, however, we don't see it because it's not positioned in a 3rd dimensional space. Then how is it true? well, the 2nd dimensional assumptions we make shouldn't be able to be reasonable on thinking or imagining a 3rd dimension. Therefore, the four dimensions exist and it doesn't at the same time towards our perspective. it could make sense that since our perspectives of a third dimensional space is space and time, then the four dimension is not a place but something that can move trough space and time. Perhaps, our perception of god?. Since we are form by particles that are part of the universe, then the assumption that we are similar to the universe should turn to be more to an assumption that we are the universe. Now, this sounds crazy, but then again the second dimensional does not understand a 3rd dimensional curve. Now, if we are part of the universe then we should be as complex, and our anatomy is closely as complex as the universe. Then


Oh that kid. "Could a black hole suck in another black hole?" Little did he know, that bloop showed us that gravitational waves exist. :')

Maria Moura 

there is people here that knew for sure! that Pluto was mickey's dog! ... so they become really upset when Neil DeGrasse said  it is not! its a planet!!  That's is why they are now calling him  stupid ;) just like little kids when they are told there is no santa klauss

Horace Ball 

Birds supposedly have reptilian ancestors....please tell me facts that support a)  solid bones became hollow, b)   cold blooded became warm blooded, c)  two legs became wings;d) two legs became perching feet;e)  the bellows lung respiratory system evolved into the complex lung/air sac and cross flow system, f)  how poor eye sight became elite eyesight, g) how the soft leathery eggs became hard bird eggs;h)  how immobile reptiles evolved the ability to migrate thousands of milesI)  how burrowing reptiles evolved the ability to build a nestj)  how scales evolved into feathers.

Thank you I look forward to your science answers!

DirtyRobot 13 

His interaction with that kid is the best.

Tiago Alexandre 

The reason why europeans didn't complain about pluto is because they still say that pluto is a planet (Science museum of london) for example still does as to last year.

And in schools around europe to, kids still learn that pluto is a planet.

Basicly looks like the schools in europe don't care to update their knowlage

Patrick Collins 

I wasn't prepared to spend forty minutes watching this video but Neil is so damned captivating!

Charles Exavier 

Amazing video, I love watching this videos of people like him. Give me hope in humanity


Why is pissed off censored? Is this not a college? Do you really want to convey to the world that you are only comfortable using the vocabulary of 7 year olds?

V G 

Clown quandries by Neal Clown. Who cares about Neal Tyson be on the lookout for a clown i would never call Neal a Dr. Clown is more applicable.

V G 

Neal is a bafoon ignorant as they come and knows nothing

John Markham 

The promotion of harmonic frequency is the control of humanity. Thus the interjection of music and frequency and the many radio broadcasts if your wise you will see the manipulations. Your mind and neurological process of thought is generated by electromagnetism and can and is being changed by MUSIC


His ability to make extraordinary concepts relatable and understandable reminds me a lot of the science essays written by Isaac Asimov.


I'm going to refer to "Dark Matter" as "Fred" from now on.

Brandyn Evans 

31:54 - You're welcome


For "The Neil", quantum leap to 13:08


Start at 13:10 everything before that is...

Helmut Christian Tomas 

Neil Tyson is great as always.

The only drawback is that he uses units that only Americans know. The rest of the world uses metric units.

Jake Burck 


Eric Albert 

Fascinating liar. Rofl @ Neil deGrasse. ROFL @ NASA. Michelson & Morley experiment =omitted science. Sagnac experiment= omitted science. C'mon faceless youtubers, gimme some insults, how dumb am I ? How stupid? LoL, c'mon trolls, lay on the insults.