Contributing to Open-Source Projects as a New Python Developer: How to Do It

14902 views ► Get the Python skills you need to contribute to the open-source community and build your portfolio

In this video we'll discuss how you can break into open-source as a new Python developer. I got this question from a reader and I'm replying to it in this video:


"How do I start to contribute to an open-source project as a relatively new Python developer?

I want to build up a portfolio of projects I have worked on and contributed to, and not just a portfolio of my own contrived projects. I'm thinking that evidence shown on GitHub or similar could be useful to a relatively new Python programmer like myself in order to demonstrate credibility."


Contributing to open source projects is a great way to build your programming skills, take part in the community, and to make a real impact with your code. It'll also help you get a job as Python developer.

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Apoorv Sharma 

great video sir ..However i would really like if you add open source project on github and ask the feature to be implemented (you can also give hints on how it should be done) this way it would encourage lot of people to learn by trying..since very less guidance is available on starting or contributing to open source beginners really have a tough time

Indranil Biswas 

Really loved your video blog/content! but I tried visiting pythonistacafe , which has no registration portal for the username and password required to login :/

Smoking Hot 

I was wondering the same.

Kevin Patel 

Thank you for this video!

Ramgopal Varma 

Your Video was super helpful. Could you please make a video in which you take open source project and show us how to understand the structure of the project.

Cybernetic Butterfly 

What if you would like to not build relationships?

Daniel Spajic 

Just recently found your videos, they're really helpful. Thanks!

Studio Zandra 

Just subscribed because of this video! (I was thinking about this EXACT question yesterday and github is so frustrating to figure out.)

Bishal Shaw 


It's a great idea. I also like to do that, and I've just started with github, and pythonista cafe is great.


Just take a look at this list:

Really big list if really interesting open source projects:

Ahmed Abdelkhalek 

I really like your video and find it more than helpful :)

I tried to google some python open source projects and I found some on github.

However, I haven't understand the structure overthere and found it vey complicated.

If you can make a video explaining this, it would be great.

Jay Lansiquot 

Been meaning to watch this for a couple weeks now, another awesome video.

Cavid Yusifov 

Very much appreciate your valuable information Dan. As a new Python developer I'll take these all into account .

Art McClure 

Too Bad, You don't run the Internet, you should! That was a great! Damn Dan !!!!! I'm a Python Nut. Glory Be !!!!

Hugo Alvarado 

Pythonistacafe seems like a good idea, did not know it existed - will definitely look into it.

Elio D'Agostini 

Thank you


I really liked this advice. I've tried to find advice and help about this before, and pretty much everyone has said to just find something I'm interested in for my language of choice and "just contribute", "just change something small and make a pull request". I've tried this, I just tried to pick something easy from the issues and change it, and while it's a confidence booster to get that first pull request done and to go through those motions for the first time, it only gives you as much feedback as they're willing to or have time to, assuming they even accept it. The advice from the other side of the fence that you have given is insightful and valuable, and from the work I've done on my internship, building up my Python knowledge, confidence and perspective in writing good code, I've come to enjoy writing documentation in that I enjoy teaching, and writing good documentation feels like teaching. I'll think about your video and then see what projects to which I can contribute from a