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There are many terms for a Construction Schedule, Construction Programme or Construction planning, but basically it is a time line of events of building works to complete a project.

Welcome to Awesim Building Consultants

We are certified in Microsoft Projects 2010

If your looking to out source your Construction Schedule, give us a call.

We can provide detailed programmes to include;

Gantt Chart

Critical Path

Baseline and Tracking

Extension of Time

Resource Monitoring

We are based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

We have provided services locally, remote Australia and Pacific Islands.

We have 20+ years experience within the Residential, Industrial & Commercial Sectors, and a licensed Builder with a Diploma in Construction Management.

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Construction Schedule

Construction Scheduling


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How can I introduce the subcontractor into the same project ?

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We also provide accurate Construction Schedules for Residential, Industrial and Commercial Projects.

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