CONS to CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8060A5 Gaming PC (Intel i5-8400 GTX 1060)


Which monitor are you using there?


What are the average frames??


what wireless adapter do you recommend?


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goku black 

What are your settings

LusterBucket 69 

was ur settings at low or high because u don’t get like 300 fps for the 580


Was this game play on the cyber power?


Wait I don’t understand about the wifi part, I’m confused, It only takes Internet with cable??


recently got the same computer.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8060A5 Gaming Pc from amazon.

I mainly got the PC for gaming as I enjoy the high frame rates. I see videos of people playing gta5 with high graphics and frame rates, but when I play these games. I bet 15-20fps) maybe 5 more with low settings. How do I fix this? I am using a tv as a monitor currently but looks as though it has 60hz and it has 1080 resolution. Any ideas? Thanks.

will pizzuto 

could you stream on this pc?

show timefu 

Ima get the 2080 one


I’m buying this pc.This is gonna be my first ever pc,is the pc good and how can I modify it to make it better.

Hello Gta 

Can the i5 go over 2.8 GHz or is that the max and can it run Osiris new dawn I want a prebuilt pc that can run Osiris new dawn. thanks

Joseph Kang 

Does this come prebuilt

Dean Outdoors 

I got one with ryzen 7 cpu amd 580 xtr 16gb of ram and I plan on putting another 580 in and it’s a great computer


The bro I'm looking to buy this pc and your video made it clear it's what I need but I'll get more ram I'm getting a 32 GB kit so I'll have 40 GB thx man

doT Net 

Could you make a video on how to overclock CPU? Thank you.

Matt Carter 

If the wifi card is shit, what should I do to ensure I get better wifi? Ethernet isn’t an option. It’s my first pc, thanks for any info.


Since it's a pre built, can some things be taken out or is something welded? If so what is it?

EBN_ Cosm0 

it says in the description of the pc that it has lifetime free tech support if that is so will they help you with any problems you might have with the pc? and what wifi adapters would you recommend for the pc?


Can I ask, what settings were used for this video? I have a similar pc but it is an older model I believe, it’s got a Ryzen5 1400 with RX580 8gb ram. This will run close in FPS correct?

Jono Hauck 

How many fans are in the pc?

Primal Phantom 

Ur underrated u should get more subs honesty

Primal Phantom 

Nice vid!

Tyler LeCroy 

Which fans do you recommend to replace the ones that it comes with? I’m fairly new to computers and not really sure what would be a great replacement.

Illusion Skyz 

Are you sponsored by cyber power yet!!??

David Ortiz 

Does it come with a mouse and keyboard

JanMark 16 

So when i turn my pc on, the fan doesnt start until afyer 3 mins.. it also not spinning fast. Do u think it needs oil or is sometjing not right?

Seezar XD 

Should i buy the PC?

Jason Zheng 

lmao ur teammates heard you the whole time lol they probably thought you were crazy

Abdulaziz Gurra 

R u playing on the cyber power pc you linked in your description?

ProPer WomBat