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Conform to broadcast standards of volume limits.

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Your master levels was too high. You should be at - 24 lufs/lkfs.. being in broadcast mixing I only put the radar on master bus. It should barely bounce into the yellow.

Rapzone Productions 

I did a round trip from premier to audition with all proper mixing and mastering as I want. Now while exporting with the same file as Dolby digital plus or Dolby digital,the is becoming normal it means I made all under the loudness radar,now it's all screwing up. So am I missing any export process or whatever settings in the Dolby digital given in premier pro default are proper for Cinema output results.

Please reply me it would be very helpful

Rapzone Productions 

When we output the file in premier after keeping the loudness in limit of radar. The file we listening after exporting video with all Dolby digital plus the volume goes high as normal dB and it increases like a normal mastering volume is there any step we're forgetting??


If we are going for interview lvl LKFS, we want to have everything level out at about -24db correct?