Configuring and Implementing Linux's iptables - Part 1


Configuring and Implementing Linux's iptables - Part 1. Part 1 covers the three P's = Packets, Protocols and Ports. Part 2 covers configuring catch-all rules in iptable's built-in chains. Part 3 covers configuring specific TCP and UDP rules. Part 4 covers configuring ICMP rules.

Channel:  Carly Salali

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Melissa Ferguson 

Background music is distracting. This would be much better without the music

B. James Maher 

No need for the background music. And, it was louder than the presenter.

Bhushan Patil 

Music is annoying

khalid khan 

Good video, but music is so annoying. Please, can you reload it without music. Thnaks

Drew B 

Yet another YouTube video with music too loud. It's not a music video...

Yiannis Stavrou 

very useful info gone 2 waste, its too fast for me to follow and the music is killing me. shame

Dileep Meena 

i want to block my traffic on port 80 and 443. but these command of iptables can't do it. why.. ??

iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --source-port 80 -j DROP

iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --source-port 443 -j DROP

Pranav Parashar 

Remove the damn background's not letting me hear and focus..

Rich Gold 

this is why the general population doesnt use linux. I just spent an hour alone on youtube watching videos on iptables.

g geethu 

Great video, I could configure on my server that I bought from

Common Yunus 

Extremely helpful. Thanks a lot.

mohammad sorower jahan 


i need to know to con fig http port user pass


Video as alright. but you should have given some examples, rather than just saying words. you're speaking gibberish to me.

Tony Lizzerri 

Good video, but definitely have to get rid of the music. its a distraction and serves no useful purpose at all. Also, speak a little slower.

Justin Wells 

My CS degree at my university didn't cover networking at all.

I learned a *lot*, but nothing about networking.

This is an absolutely great introductory overview.

Really like how you started by giving a context for iptables + networking

rather than just jumping in & doing a walkthrough of the manpages.

Jason Lough 

iptables tutorial starts @5:57

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what was the sound/music is for? so distracting

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music is annoying

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I like the format and thoroughness of the explanations. I also like progressive metal & classical music. In this video they don't support each other but rather diminish. Any chance of removing the music?

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I find the music not distracting at all nice video mate

..thumbs-fucking-up brah

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music needs to -drop


Awesome music broooo! Rock on!!! Totally! ......Not.


For the actual topic of this video click here: 5:56


Sir please never make this mistake to put a music on a tutorial again. it's very distracting and annoying..


I guess this was an OK tutorial but I'll never know for sure as I could only stand 4:43 mins of it. The music was too intrusive. I really wanted to hear what you had to say about IPTABLES but I guess you just wanted to plug your mates CD.

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tutorial is good... music is annoying..


Dude. The music. What were you thinking?


The music in the background is very distracting, and ruins your good lesson.

Jerry Grauert 

Why wouldn't your catch all rule over ride your rules which permit traffic with it being the last rule?  I thought you block everything first, then permit what you want.


Well done! Your a genius.

Maciej Kalisz 

Would be really good if not for the poor audio quality. IT jargon is a tough stuff, nonetheless you speak very quickly, add background music, and do not eliminate the fuss. Surely a good video, but could be much better served.


I have a solid understanding of networking, but you sir explain things in way that is easy to understand. Only one thing you could improve on is slowing the pace down a little. If I had no knowledge in networking, I'd have to pause/google/pause/google/pause/google so I could understand what is being said.

Владимир Кисьов 

Good job.. It was very comprehensive


Music is veeeerrrry irritating.

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I stopped this video in the first minute of it because of the MUSIC!! And Dislike it for the same reason!


That packet header diagram is incorrect IMO

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Thank you sir....little slow would be better...than the best.

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Thank you sir for sharing..i learned lot from you..pritiated


music, sound , noice :( i am not native english and it is difficult to understand you. plus you speak very fas :(


I like it! This is very good manual for beginner with work by iptables.

Ashutoshh Singh 

i have watched your all the 4 videos which are really awesome ..but need more

a advance thanks to for furthur video...


Ok, I'm still a noob with iptables and learning it right now, but can you show me a simple rule I can use right now? I only use the web browser as well as the terminal for any connections. As for the terminal it's only for installing packages and not telnet, ftp or ssh. Much appreciated!


For these how think, that the audio is too fast. The Author does not tell the story, he just simply reads, what is written on the slides. You can pause at any moment. Read it first for yourselves, an then listen the same or just mute the video and read it peacefully pausing whenever you want.


Great music! :]

Ashutosh Singla 

how to set up that client server thing ?


Very clear and concise series. It's quick for quick reference too.

Many like to over complicate. This is just right.

Any plans for going a little deeper, past the basics?

Steve Aiello 

I tried to watch this but you just talk way to fast. You can't get any thing out of this good content.