Computer Repair Shop Tools for Your Business: The Importance of Magnets by


In this video I show you another valuable tool in my shop at The use of magnets have made life much easier in my business.

Link for the Wire Python Magnetic Wire Snake:

Tamal Ghosh 

Thanks for sharing

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Gia Thomas 

Tools are good

Joe K4JGA 

Very interesting video... you must be the original magnet man!!! Thanks for sharing... Joe


Awesome video. People started thinking we were crazy talking about how cool magnets were. We had metal cubicles and new smaller office, soon all the tools were on the cubicle wall. Not too much later I Was gluing HDD magnets to plastic file holders for the gals in the office. I try not to throw HDDs away anymore and harvest the magnets and toss the metal in the box for metal scrappers.

Michael Eady 

what was the magnetic sweeper called?

Eragon Pry 

Hi sir I am finish in computer service training and newly opening is system chiplavel service centure...

Philip settimi 

You need some cash spending customer's, you aint gonna feed a family off these video's................

Brenedick Palomino Contreras 

You sucks!!! xD noob jajajaja

Neph Aguirre Percussion 

screws!!! lol screw it lol awesome vids tim very informaitve and useful i used this tip and it does make your life easier

Daniel Dietz 

hp mother board dv6000 seen 10:08  recalled overheating battery probably the reason its in

Jeffrey Benshoff 

Great vid. Love the magnetic sweeper!


Thanks for taking ur time to teach the public. I've been an pro IT for 15yrs. and I never stop learning new tricks... Awesome video man!

Your PCMD 

Even a seasoned computer repair shop like ours can learn a new tip or trick too. Hope you keep making real (non-scripted) computer videos. But Tim, that desk! What a way to repurpose an old door! :)

John Gallie 

Good Job!

Miguel Ortega 

thank's for the video

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thank you so much very helpful

Tim Reijnen 

Great tip's keep up the great work! Subcribed


Hey Tim would a PC repair certificate be enough to start with?  I wanna start my own pc repair shop myself. Do you use any special antivirus programs to clean customers pc`s or do you use the same ones out in the public market?


I was removing the motherboard from a PC today and thought about your tips...the one with magnetizing the screwdriver helped me a lot with removing the screws. Thank you!

Dawne Caldwell 

awesome video I want the pick up stick just to play with. I so have to buy one. I've never heard of them.

Sidi Mohamed Moktar 

amazing ways to collect screws thanks a lot it is useful for me so much


Thanks for the info and thanks for watching.


Thanks for watching.



Grant Fullen 

Gotta Luv Magnets. :)

Great Examples Tim


Great Video Tim love the sweeper thats a great idea.


I like that magnet sweeper.