Cold calling: How to respond to "I don't have time"?

52219 views One of the most common objections when cold calling prospects: "I don't have time." How do you handle it? Read the full blog post ►

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Very helpful.

Leonel Molbert 

Amazing video.

Luiz Centenaro 

What kind of white boards do you have? I am thinking of investing in some haha.

Paul Olivier 


Bry 117 


Nidhi Gupta 

Just Love Listening you !! Thanks a Lot


Do you have a cold call training program or a phone sales training program? Thanks


Great video, just to get clear do I ask them for feedback in the same call about where I went wrong if they arent interested at the end or in a follow up?

touati yasmine 

Stan you're amazing like I said I love you, you're always giving great courses that assist me big time at work, can I please have your email address need to contact you.

Keyla Sandoval 

love the time you take to share ur knowledge with us... please Keep sharing more videos they are so helpful for me!!!

George Gizelis 

Precious pieces of advice! Thanks!

varudh C 

man u are awesome, need more guidance from u on b2b sales!

Tanmay Bhatnagar 

Sir.. a very informative video...

but I had a question..

everytime I call a company and a receptionist picks up a phone... she gives me an email id and says email your proposition on this id.. and then when I send the email., I never get a reply..

to be more precise... I am seeking a sponsorship.. how do I get the job done.?

Thanks for reading

Coralie Palm 

I think a lot of this makes total sense but what I disagree with is that if you lost someone you think it is something you have automatically done wrong. It takes the choice out of the person on the other end. Maybe it is a product that is not for them or that they cannot afford. Sometimes people buy something because they were persuaded by a sales person that is a good purchase, and so often they feel so stupid afterwards. The idea that if you can't sell anything to anyone you aren't doing your job well enough is a little disturbing. I do appreciate a sales person who does a lot of the things you are doing, but if they do not want to accept that I am not interested, I will never buy their product. I definitely think your whole sales pitch is fine...just the understanding that you WILL make the sale if you do it properly is a little off. The other thing is that sometimes if you are a very persistent sales person, polite people do not want to just hang up. So maybe they took all that ti

Tulio Garcia 

I do have time for these content is amazing you are sharing so much value thank u!


Love this! This is amazing. Thank you for this. I also add a bunch more reasons why they should stil do the call with me even though they don't have the time thats not related to the exact benefits

Flip Wilson 

I don't have the for this

Tim Chatto 

Always informative, love your work.

reuben john 

Hey man I really appreciate these videos. Can you also have some live calls to see how you pitch to people?

Shawn Davis 

Seems like more of a conversation for the salesman, not the person trying to book the appointment.