CNET Tech Review: Black Friday buying guide


This week on the CNET Tech Review: Before you head to the stores, check out our top gift picks in your favorite categories.

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Colleen Bloom 

sigh. pimping a 3d tv. yah, i would like a rocket to the moon too. just what a waste.

Maarten Reith 

@N0VAJ I'd wait for the iPad 3.


I almost choked on my drink when she said the kindle had a MONTH of battery life.

What the hell !?

Shawn P 

10 people hate electronicz


Did the xbox kinect not make it to market?


what about the Canon 1400is?

Jeremy Torres 



Brick Tamland 

>implying everyone that used Other OS was a hacker

fucking sony still pisses me off. it only does everything but Other OS

might as well take away our ability to use 3rd party controllers or something.


this video is pointless without prices

Jason Davies 

@Pinwormx wonder if she likes dark or white meat... hmm

Dom D 

@realdeal119 u make a good ass point


People, 3d is some overrated bullshit. It isnt even new. 3d was here in the 90s so dont waste your money, Just get a standard hd tv, 720p-1080p



George Razzo 

I like my galaxy tab better than my ipad.


@AppleFanReviews still 299 :(

Jack D 

Just got my iPad and LOVE it!

Simar C 

6 people are not tech

christopher m primm Sr 

no prices this is useless

Yelun Han 

watch?v=Fo70scy41Z8 Get an amazon Kindle these things are amazing. Lasts for days on one charge!


I'd wait for the iPad 2.

Sev Black 

@Rayz093 The way she try's to be funny and just epically fails.


What have you done with natali?!


i wonder what my parents are getting me its kinda sad but i pretty much have everthing beshides the Ipad but thats too expensive for a nonchristian christmas gift lol

Petar Bulovic 

Where is Natalie...


While I agree the Kindle is by and far the best eReader hardware, it certainly does not have 'the best book selection in the game'. The Nook has over 2,000,000 books vs the Kindle's 750,000. Also, the Kindle makes it much more of a challenge to gain content through means other than Amazon, where as most of the competition, Nook included, allows for at least the baseline of Adobe ePub and PDF formats which are the base formats more most third party digital literature.

Trevor Searcy 

@UnrealNate i disagree they have a few videos against iphones

Sev Black 

Anybody else find Molly Wood fucking annoying.

BossMan AV 

I HATE the ps3 slim, i rather the original any day!!


does any one have any xbox live code trials i can have if u do message me


Woop for Doctor Who reference ! 22:58 ^_^


I would like to buy something made in the USA... or at least buy things that are not made in China. All those Apple products (ipad iphone etc..) are cheaply made in China.


I'm really glad that the Galaxy Tab isn't one of the top products in this video. It doesn't even have an optimized OS. That makes the Tab look like a huge Galaxy S phone.


molly's awesome as usual!


Thumbs up if you're viewer number 228-229 and 230!!!!

Pinworm X 

I wonder if MoWo likes her turkey stuffed.