Hey dolls! Here is this weeks clothing haul. Hope you enjoy! What was your favorite?


Windsor - Red The Frill of it Romper:

Forever21 - Crinkled Maxi Slip Dress:

Express - Ruffle V-neck Denim Jumpsuit:

Windsor - Black Reign in Stripes Crop Top:

Windsor - Black Reign in Stripes Pants:

Pretty Little Thing - Anala High Waist Pink Trousers

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You are my dream girl

Laura Bevan 

I loved the red slip dress and i realize it’s supposed to be crinkly but i think it would have looked better as maybe a smooth satin look. I still loved it though super sexy

Cristiana Protho 

Do the anala have any type of stretch

Aryanna M 

What an incredible body

Karen Clemson 

WOW after looking a few of your videos you definitely look amazing with the red hair.

Janelli Marie 

These retailers really need to pay you bc so many times, the outfit you’re advertising is sold out!


red is fairytale

Charlotte Watson 

I would keep that red dress and use it as a sexy nightie! Love the denim jumpsuit! 💜

Kaybellerella 1 

Omg I'm loving all your outfits!!! Sooo cute!

Ash Morgue 

😍😍😍😍 the pink bottoms!!! I could not figure out why I liked them so much until you said Barbie. I love them!!!

Marlene N 

The first outfit and the denim jumpsuit are my fave on you 😍😍 you were rocking the hell out of those outfits 😍 such a beauty

David Silveira 

very sexyy!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥💘💘👠👠😍😍

All Things Cathy Corona 

Fucken BODY GOALS!! OMG U make all outfits look bomb!!!

Clarence Marsh 

like the blue jean!

Clarence Marsh 

the gown has that TEKKEN look, ANNA

Luis Jimenez 

Hi honey have a good day here in mexico city its raining im a federal police i send you kisses im youre fan wow beautiful woman amazing wow angel


your body was cute before sugery!

just my opinion.

John Van Landingham 

I love the last outfit that combo 😍

Lene Jay 

You are absolutely the world's MOST gorgeous woman!!!! You look soooo incredible!!!!! 😍😍🔥🔥💞💞

CheDi Richardson 

Personal favourites:

The red/blue romper

Denim jumpsuit

These 2 instantaeneously got a WoW when I saw them. 😊

You look amazing in all outfits to be honest, but there's something the 'red satin dress' that made you look stunningly beautiful in my eyes. 🤗👌❤

Tiffany Grey 

I definitely love the rompers an jumpsuits that you modeled. Love the colors an the way they fit. I think jumpsuits an rompers look really good on women who've got an hour glass figure, a lot like yours. Your beautiful. 😉 thanks for sharing


Love the way your shape looks now!!!!

lolita luna 

OMG guurrl your slaying yass 🙂🙂🙂 can you please do a college fall inspire outfits please thank you


Those red shoes are soo cute I want😍

Clara Smith 

Hi. How tall are you? Love the pink pants. I'm 5'9. I have trouble finding pants long enough. Love all the outfits

Kaysi Cruz 

Mi amor how long before u decided to wear jeans and pants again?

Luis Jimenez 

Im a man so i like see youre videos because you are so beautiful i loving you wow i like youre body looks like a Jessica Rabit human wow amazin angel

maribel estrella 

Yazzz honey werk lol man seriously I love watching your try on Hauls for cute outfit idea's💙🔥

Ashley Rodriguez 

I love how you model them! Your adorable!!!

Mickayla J 

Love ur body and you sooo much I always watch ur try on vids! goalssssss 😍😍😍😍

Lazon Williams 

You are Carmen Miranda's revenge sexy girl, I love you in all that jazz💐😅😘💘🌹😍🍷💌💎💍

Maria Sed 

What do you use for a waist shaper?




The bell pants are so flattering on you!

Zuly Nicole 

I just wanted to let you know how much I look up to you!! You really help me with my Depression and self-esteem issues. You are Absolutely gorgeous doll!!! I’m getting my body done next year in Colombia and you are my wish pic!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Stratus Strong 

You in that red satin dress is one of the sexiest things I have seen this week. The way the satin hugs your curves is perfect and it shows enough of your great legs. Mixed with the red hair and heels and your perfectly sexy and gorgeous in every way :)


you are adorable! Teri

Amber Rose Theron 

You look gorgeous. Will you be doing an update on your BBL surgery? Booty looking great! 🍑

Angie Lilly 

Girl you're living your best life you look amazing

Jasmine Gomez-Zavala 

you aren't just BEAUTIFUL but you oooze with so much confidence 👍🌹💓


I feel like the red dress could use a cute corset belt in the middle

Chichi Face 

Please share when u dress up that satin dress!!!!

Morrigon VR 

Gorgeous, as always

Edgar Sanchez 


M J L 5 0 5 

Those pink pants😍

Latiffia Bryant 

Beautiful outfits they look absolutely stunning on you love you so much


I wish you could post what sizes you wear as well. I'm a curvy lady too and I never know which size to buy!

Just Because 

What do you do to keeps this gorgeous body?

Ashley Hernandez 

Love the pink pant!!

Margaret L 

I really love your taste in clothes! It's exactly my kind of style. I can't pull a lot of these off, but I enjoy watching you rock these outfits :)