Clemson 44, Alabama 16: Nick Saban postgame


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Youtuber Trump 

Mistakes and poor execution comes down to coaching.

Randy Hudgins 

Take that ass whooping back to Bama!

Esker Taylor 

Roll tide!!!!!

KevinCummings Fitness 

Bama is better when they have a drop back QB

KevinCummings Fitness 

Best coach ever


We aiiight !!!!  Go Tigers !!!

Chris Jeffries 

Nick Saban just take the fact y'all got your ass whooped by the better team and just work on getting better next year .

210 Mango 

Get raped Alabama

Jeffro P. Koaltrain 

When your University wins 5 titles with 2 Heisman’s since 2009 and has the most championship’s in the nation and has the 2 greatest coaches in history of college football and your conference wins nearly every title since 2006 with the most bowl wins and wins 6 Heisman’s since 2007 I will be impressed. We have no problem loosing a title, we average about one every other year anyway. Let’s see your teams loose 2 to 3 coaches every year and loose underclassmen along with seniors to the NFL like Bama does. Not a team today could win under those conditions and yet check the facts above. Bama does! ROLL TIDE!

A-T/ G-C 

“They did things that we weren’t prepared for, but you gotta expect that”???? Does that make any sense? I was for the Tide, and they just got outplayed and just plain baked!

Moist cornbread 

Don't like Clemson or Bama especially but face the music Saban your tide got rolled

Ramiro Bedolla 

By the look Nick Saban's face somebody in Alabama University should put him on suicide watch.

Jeremy Marsh 

Clemson saved college football by beating Alabama. However I hope Alabama and Clemson suck next year, and are nowhere to be found in the college football playoff.

Donnell Alexander 

No way Alabama what all the five star recruits so we posed to just walk in and win the game but you still have to play the game five stars don't mean s*** 305 go canes ACC

J K 

Saban gets everything right in building a machine stocked with five star talent and pounding discipline. Plus he games the system by never playing road OOC games and three cupcakes every year strategically placed in the season to rest players.

This formula works incredibly well, except when matched with teams of similar talent that are more creative on offense. Saban is not creative and no offensive coordinators want to work for him because he is such an asshole.

Rodrick Hayes 

Truthfully they were already suspect against Georgia LAST YEAR!

Greg Riggs 

Roll Tide!!!

Robert Brooks 

Say what you want to about Nick Saban, he may be the best college football coach of all time. This coming from a Tennessee fan. His record speaks for itself. This interview was hard for him and he did a great job! I was proud of what he said and how he said it.

Kenny Dodd 

He said Give Clemson a little bit credit...... what ever Ass Hole the suck Ass tide got there Asses beat...... he should have said give all credit too Clemson...... They stomped that Ass Saban really your so Arrogant person don’t know witch is Worst U.... areUrban Meyer close race....... Your just pissed be uI didn’t win plain and simple!!!

Donzell Beckett 


Travis Kelly 

BAMA is overrated period


You got your but kicked midget......

barry walker 

Sunshine skulldraged Alabama.clemson is just flat out better.justin ross pimp slapped nick saban and tua and the Alabama scum base. the one you let get away.a state of Alabama recruit.karma is a bitch.jalen hurts is somewhere laughing his ass off😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😄😄😄

Ryan Sherlin 

Really really good fake he said

Lori Brogdon 

Yep this just shows bama doesnt ever play anyone, getting beat like this. I say bama wont win another natty for at least 5 yrs

Lori Brogdon 

Yall bama guys probably dont know who the fat jack is, but he had Clemson all the way. He bet thousands on this game and hes richer for it lol

Yokozuna Sam 

Let me some this up...”it wasn’t my fault, it was the players fault that didn’t block and executed” - Nick Saban

Go big Orange 

What a humiliating performance for a SEC school. Bama s coaches an players should have stayed home if they couldn’t put forth any more effort than they did. What disgraceful performance

el cucuy 

Like to see saban coach at northwestern see how good of a coach he is.. or coach at idaho.. He would get fired within 5 years .. a lot of casuals told me bama was gonna beat Clemson, I told them Clemson will win outright

Nelson Vecchione 

I'm a Gator fan and I always respected Coach Saban.


Suddenly, saban sounds stupid

jonathan redford 

Like everyone else has said Saban didn't give any credit to Clemson and just said they lost because of his team. Tua was a sore loser.

mark gutsche 

Go Gators Gator Nation lives in America

mark gutsche 

His only answer to every question should be the same answer. He should say they just whipped our ass we deserved it. Take that ass beating Alabama

J K 

"Winning 14 games" A team stocked with five star recruits is playing Arkansas State, Louisiana State, Citadel....what a joke....and zero road games against out of conference teams, which is something that basically all top level schools do

Quentin Campbell 

Enough with all the Clemson fans complaining about "not getting respect". Clemson "won" the championship! Enough with complaining. It's all sports entertainment anyway. Nobody really loses because everyone still gets rewarded(coaches still get paid,some players get "rewards" too)!

stone cold cowboy 

Well boys we, at Clemson, are still waiting for the tide to STOP rolling out and waiting for it to roll in !!! The game was last night and they are STILL ROLLING OUT and have no intentions of rolling back in it don't look like anyway!!!! LOL

DJ Soul 

Don’t blame coach for drinking last night

Manfred Buchholz 

you lost because your lackluster team finally played a real team you cant play the schedule full of 2nd tier teams

Kenny Gubista 

Trying very hard to not say, I got Outcoached and we got ass pounded.

Lamar McAlister 

It's a great day to be a tiger.

How many Natty does Dabo have???? #TUADEM

Deion Baldwin 

Clemson just had the better team and better players who wanted Alabama ass

Jody Cooper 

CONGRATS to the Greatest TIGER TEAM n Coaches to EVER Play the GAME. Hell uv Season. Ya #1 Fan For Life. I bleed ORANGE Go Tigers Shane Cooper

Earl Dunfee 

Wow, a semi-pro team beat a semi-pro team, big deal!

Sith God 


William Stalvey 

Prediction early......Auburn 37 alabama 27....2019#rolltears

William Stalvey 

Dabo 2 and 1 against National championships.....Cccccc llllll eeeeee mmmmmm sssss ooooooo nnnnnnn.......

Michael Toland 

Needed to be bitch slapped . Tua is a bum .

sir-bush -wookie 

great game, Clemson put a whoopn on us see yall next year

John White 

I bet BAMA can't wait to get back to playing SEC teams where their defense will look good again.