CLASSROOM TOUR 2016-2017 (3rd Grade) | A Classroom Diva


Welcome to my 2016-2017 Third Grade Classroom Tour! In this video, I walk you through the setup and details of my 3rd grade classroom. Check out the links below to get some of these materials for your own elementary classroom. Enjoy! :)




Word Jar:


Writing Prompts:

Reading Anchor Charts:

Character Traits Anchor Chart:

Bulletin Board Banners:


A Classroom Diva 

Hi! Just to clarify, the kids have recess a total of 12 TIMES a week! :) They have recess with aides outside every morning before school and every day at lunch. I take them out 2 extra times during the week (Tuesday and Wednesday), as those are the days we don't have specials. They still get recess twice a day, I just don't go out with them. Someone else is supervising during those times! :)

Ellie Mitchell 

Wow I have shout outs too!

Anna Catagnus 

I don’t know about you but I have only STEM in my school.

Stem: Science Technology Engineering and Math.

Catherine's Channel 

hey miss teacher in group 5 you guys READING STONE FOX I AM READING Stone fox and im 4th grade now

emily flagg 

I think at the v.i.p table you should get ball chars for the vary important people. like 👍🏼 if you agree

Shakila N 

Thats what we do COPY CAT

Little Heart 

I would like to be a third grade teacher when I am older, your room inspires me the most!!

Lindsey Enriquez 

My grandpa and grandma have that same picture Thing

Lindsey Enriquez 

I have that same welcome to my classroom

Valerie Jimenez 

I'm in thrid grade I'm learning area and premitier mrs. Dolan sings premitier is around premitier is around ooh don't you know premitier is around you add up all the sides you add up all the sides ooh ooh don't you know

Elizabeth Slusser 

Does the school give you a budget for your classroom? Or do you pay for everything yourself?

Amna Alawal Khan 

Can you please share your teaching method?

Lina Tran 

I love all your vids but I just don’t like how there so long

Ashley Marshall 

Recess only two days a week? They should have it everyday. Those kids need time to run around.

Danielle Miles 

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Harry burrows

Danielle Miles 

You are so sweet and sour cream



This is AWESOME! Where can I find the job chart and the numbers template? I'd love to use this system.

Lady Marmalade 

love your room. But when did recess get cut down to only two days a week? When I was in school, (back in the seventies), we had recess everyday. And gym class. Do kids nowadays get any exercise at all?

Lissette Lemuz 

I had to watch this video for a class in college and I enjoyed watching it so much. This gave me some great ideas as a future teacher. I love how you also put a link for everything.

Matenin Kromah 

I love the after classroom, it's about time I get that done for my classroom!💗

Zonia anne Bernardo 

Wow oh wow! Quite a creative production for a Third Grade Teacher covering the basic subjects - Reading, Grammar, Composition-Writing, Literature, Math, Art, Science ( too?). Such marvelous work shopping, preparation, and arrangement with some help from a supportive husband! This way, it ups the ante for the 4th Grade teacher! Multi-intelligence every moment of the day to keep tab of each of 27 student’s needs! Bless you, Mrs. Nichols for such upbeat anticipation! Love this!

Kris Reyes 

Just learned that I'll be teaching 3rd this year. Thanks for so many great ideas! LOVE UR ROOM!

Ces O'Reilly 

Hello! I'm a SPEd teacher, I am interested where you found your Guided reading poster set and Steam ideas too. It would be very useful to my kids. Thanks

_midnight_ Kitty05 

I wish I was in your class but ive passed that grade

Mr. Cat 

God I miss elementary school😭

Andrea Mounteer 

Hey!! I love your Cursive and Manuscript ABC Posters. Can you tell me were you got them?


Hi, can you recommend a few (prefably 3 or more ) different fonts that as a preschool teacher you'll usually use?? I currently have an assignment where I need to design and create a learning corner but I am at loss of what type of fonts to use. It will be great help 🙏🙏

Jessica Santoyo 

I love your classroom!! It makes me excited to decorate mines in the future! ❤️

forza 2 tips & builds 

Do you work at Wyandotte schools

Laura K. 

I will be teaching third grade next year and your videos have been so helpful! I was wondering where you found the Daily 5 posters? I tried clicking on the link but it didn't seem to be working. Do you know if they are still available? Thanks! :)

Heather Gil 

Thank you for being so incredibly organized! Love your ideas!!!

Audrey Troup 

Wow! I have never seen a classroom that big. I thought mine was big but yours is supersized!

J N 

so much wall space! so pretty and functional too.

Jerrokiee Vlogs 

Love your class is pretty

Kimi Kimi 

The classroom was look very organize clean and refreshing it was so amazing watching it on video.very nice work youve done.that tree in the corner was sa fantastic i really loved it i hoped you could share video how you made that in tne future.thanks

Jessie Madanat 

U have great ideas!

Deezy Duzzit 


Buddha Girl 

Your room is so big! Looks lovely.

Elizabeth Button 

you gave me hope for a cinder block classroom

Lindsay Raymond 

We have seat pockets


I am new to your channel and I absolutely love your videos. I am currently a junior in college and am expected to graduate in fall of 2019. I am in Early Childhood Education and recently have been getting overwhelmed with what’s to come for my future as a teacher. Watching your videos really help me take a step back and realize that teaching really isn’t as complicated as everyone makes it seem to be. I am very organized myself and I love how your classroom is put together and how everything is labeled because that’s exactly how I want my future classroom to be. Thank you for the helpful videos and I am happy I found your channel! 🤗

Amber Spiotto 

I just found your channel tonight and have watched several videos!! Love your content ❤️❤️❤️

First Place Readers 


Wendy Mason 

Your classroom is huge! I'm an art teacher in a public school from South Africa, specialising in music and drama. We have one classroom that isn't even an art room that is shared among SIX teachers! It makes me so angry, because I cannot decorate or organise the classroom the way I feel fit otherwise the other teachers ideas clash! I have another classroom that is technically a closet where I teach my private learners. Again, not sufficient. Our school actually has a theatre and I try my best to sneak them in to give a meaningful lesson, but it is against our rules to do so. I mean why? Anyway, teaching is my life and I make use of all the facilities I have in the best way possible (yes, even sneaking the learners into the theatre at most times for a practical lesson). You are a shining example of what a teacher should be. Keep up the good work, your learners are already reaping the benefits of all your hard work. XOXO

Carli Potochar 

It’s pretty much like my teachers room

Gingerquinn gacha _25 

Ps.I also have the Valentine's Day antena two

Gingerquinn gacha _25 

In my class I have stem instead

wayne villegas 

I'm going back in the day at school

Sandra Walker 

i love your vodid


Hello Jessica Nichols ! ,

Did you make that lady bug antennae head dress or did you buy it from somewhere because I really like it and truthfully I am glad that I saw this now versus back when

I was an autistic special ed student going to school in the 1980s through the 1990s

because it would have led into a funny idea ( in my view ) that would not have been taken well nor would not have lasted very long .

You are one beautiful and thought inspiring and clever teacher and I only wish I could go back and have had you as one of My Teachers .

I hope that this school year is going fantastic for you or as good as can be for you .

- Dwight