Cities Skylines Gameplay: TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF SIPATEA Cities: Skylines Mods MASS TRANSIT DLC #51


Let's Play Cities Skylines: MODDED Mass Transit DLC. Checking out the Concerts Mini Update. Enjoy & share :-)

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➤Cities Skyline Natural Disaster Comedy Short



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Alex Speaks 

Strongest tsunami ever

Alex Speaks 

It basically destroyed the whole map

Kermit The triggerd Frog Lord and savior 

This Happened to My City A Few Hours Ago :p No Seriously Its On The Coast Map

Ivan Rodriguez 

I Love this video 💗💖💗💖💗💖

Stevent Wijaya 

i don't no where is that country but no

Brigden McDaniels 

You need the disaster mod were they can reach 25.5

Václav Smola 



A tsunami has struck the city. Take caution and avoid roads and waterfronts until the water recedes.

Peppa Pig 

This video is AMAZING

Mysterious Stranger 

That blimp pilot deserves a Purple Heart...

Darth Sidious DGW 

Total destruction good good.


Where's the link to his map?

The Manatee 

Any build bites dust


21:28 "Water-terfronts"


at 15:49 he's like we need to deliver this tea to British island we need to bubolulob R.I.P tea

Can we get 100000 subscribers without any videos 

My last name is BRIFFA!

Jake Smallacombe 

well i think you american that think we drink tea every second of our life i bet your fat af eating mcdonalds every second and dont complain about me saying this you think we drink tea all the time

Banana Man 

RIP sippa green city you will be missed

uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas 

This game should REEEEEALY make the tsunamis alot faster and the meteorites alot more destructive


Try the mod that makes the 10 tsunami go to 25.5 witch means it’s mostly 2 times bigger

Katherine Shaw 


The AmazingMartini 

Wait... the blimp is BACK!!

Our Hero blimp


At least 5000 people survived


When u go shopping in the mall, ur gonna wish u bought ur swimsuit. Lolol

James Lightson 

You're fired

-Donald Trump

Jaeger Bombastic 

3:26 that is the rival of the Carnival cruisline. The carnival cruisline is ree, but the cock cruisline is blue

Shawn Quitara 

How to make the vehicles float?

Ova 578 

Your tea mustn't taste much after that

Than Htut Aung 

I want to see a meter hitting water

cool pig gaming 


Borgalorg of Kargalif. 

,Messi was in all the low ground buildings!


The blimp is a fish confirmed

Shaun Plays Games 


Jonathan Morales :3 

:ODa City is GONE only tall

Idola Elohim Anlon 

the ragnorok mod would be interesting if you want to do a sequal

Dead Channel 

Lady: A tsunami has struck the city, take caution and avoid all roads and waterfronts until the water recedes.

Me: His city is a waterfront now.

Dead Channel 

I destroy my city by just carving out a canal.....

Globial Animations 

Moment of silence and crying is allowed ;~;

Elijah Andrews 

Would you like larger disasters? If so you can use It lets you go from 10.0 to 25.0 scale.


15:43 X’D


Why does his city maps rhythms with gta city maps like this city map Sind like Liberty city that’s the name of the city for the map of gta 4

Kobey 221 

Is this the end of the world or 2012?


133,000 people died this fateful day. If this happened in real life, aid would pour in from all over the world, this would be one of the deadliest tsunamis (if not the deadliest), and #PrayForSipatea would fill social media.

STORM 10345 

An event like this could happen IRL if global warming continued

Tex Martin 


Mobile Editor 

Mlg alkbar



I DIED 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Thomas Gatley 

In real life the recovery cost would probably be $23 Billion dollars

Adyson Enriquez 

At 3:46 it looks like the tsunami from the movie 2012

Akihiko Hayashi 

Several hundred youtubers attempt to showcase disasters

No matter how hard they try they will never get half the destruction that happened to Sipatea