Chinese investment at Dutch port boosts China-Europe trade


The port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands is one of the world’s smartest ports. It has an advanced terminal automation system. As a deepwater port capable of docking giant vessels, Rotterdam serves as a gateway for goods transported to northern and western Europe.

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J.S. Leow 

Please watch this video about Piraeus Port near Athens in Greece. At at time in 2008, during the depth of Global Financial Crisis, Greece was caught up very badly, and most Europeans were skeptical whether or not the Chinese could turn it around. After 10 years, they've come around to the conclusion that selling this port to China was the best decision they made! It was tough, but the Chinese took on this challenge despite lots of difficulties amid the 2012-2015 Greek Crises.

J.S. Leow 

America is fast becoming a Banana Republic! President Trump can be easily bought for a couple million dollars in exchange for some future unfulfilled defense contracts! Look, who is he is siding with? He sides with the Saudi butcher prince, rather than his own CIA and State Department or his Republican Senators. Is Trump a Saudi Arabian president? President Trump can be easily bought by human body-parts butcher "clown prince"? Is he making America or Saudi Arabia GREAT again?? Why would a president of a self-claimed superpower be siding with a murderous butcher “clown prince”? Obviously, this can only happen in a Banana Republic, where corrupt leaders abuse their positions to indulge in corruption and putting self-interests ahead of national interests! U.S.A. = BANANA REPUBLIC!!! Please view the videos below: &

Cánh Thép Channel 

For those who are evil will be destroyed by U.S.A

“U.S. forces operate in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region on a daily basis, including in the South China Sea,” . “All operations are conducted in accordance with international law and demonstrate that the United States will fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows. That is true in the South China Sea as in other places around the globe.”

Trump said" No enermy can match the U.S military""We must take strong defensive actions to protect America's leadership in technology and innovation against the unprecedented threat posed by China's theft of our intellectual property, the forced transfer of American technology and its cyber attacks on our computer networks,"

"These tariffs are essential to preventing further unfair transfers of American technology and intellectual property to red China,"

Cut off all trade with China. Stop feeding a dragon who has plans to destroy your family and the worlds



You're a third world country and you've to choose between two options.

1) Military bases, foreign troops, drone strikes and bombers, Western backed puppet government that sales out its resources


2) Ports, infrastructure projects, power projects and Special Economic Zones, schools, hopistals at a transparent loan rate and financial plan (just like any other bank)


Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen 

Wow!!!! driverless thumbs up to China.