China's Social Watchdog & A Dying Sears: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)


This is the December 11, 2018, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:02 Google CEO Sundar Pichai went before Congress on Tuesday — but some members of Congress lack the basic knowledge of big tech.

6:41 China started piloting its “social score” system in 2015, in villages like this one. Here’s how it works, you start with 1,000 points. If you do something bad, you get points docked. If you do something good, and you happen to be spotted, you get points added

12:22 Wrongful convictions may have gotten a lot of attention in recent years but very little has gone to what happens after people get out of prison. The way exonerees are compensated is often inconsistent & arbitrary, & more often than not, their needs are neglected

19:16 This Sears manager oversaw a Sears that closed, as Sears Holdings filed for bankruptcy. We talk to him about the life of Sears and what it is like working for a dying company.

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That's crazyyyy

Mich Tsomething 

"How does that show up on a seven year old's iPhone?"...Sorry can't relate.

Neet Freek 

China is litterally a black mirror episode


greetings from beijing

makes me feel kind of sad for you guys to feel that china is just a bunch of slaves, they all live in 1984, they are all mind washed, and stuff like that

why not change your mind a little bit?

don't you see that china is actually one of the safest countries in whole world?

why would you be afraid of CCTV if you are just a normal citizen?

Sameeh Patel 

Does president Xi get a score too?

Nostalgic23 650 

The reporter though! Lmfao

Bo Rodriguez 

Sears is not dead yet. I really think they can turn this around. The Home Services Division is one of the only department of Sears that still makes money. they bring in over 2 billion a yr on home Warranties, they make about 75% profit on it. Did you know the Sears Craftsman Lawn mowers is one of the top selling Lawn mowers? That Sears name is still worth billions. or i can be wrong, but that is my thinking of it.

Rene Dominguez 

So out of touch.

Nana Nana 

I hope they behave when they get other countries, Chinese are so indiscipline

Robert Moray 


Chuck Woolery 

Vice suxs. Very biased. Probably why they are failing.


The fact that no one sees this for smoke and mirrors makes me want to become a sea sponge and forsake the surface world.


I cannot understand that people how does not understand a smartphone make laws and the problem here is those people are old and ignorant!!! We need first more young people and old people must learn their shit like go too school when you are 60 2hours per day!!!

Modular Mountain 

Dont cry for Sears little buddy, they wont cry for you.


what a stupid question from the congressman - why don't we rethink what we give to our children - giving a smart phone to a child is like handing them a porn film and then getting upset when they see some porn - its an adult device now in the hands of children everywhere

Hugo Gutierrez 

The reporter asks "do you think Congress do something differently?" As if anything in the country works at all right now. Morron...


I once had a judge ask me why I could not get an Uber for my adversaries client, LOL! I'm like: "Your Honor, that's not how Uber works." I'm not surprised that Congress is just as lost.

Anthony Warner 

3:20 Look at the guy in the back.Like a boss

James Turner 

The guy at the end needs to man the F*&*k UP.........There other stores to work at .......LMFAO

Daniel Rhodes 

Amazon employees may have gotten a raise, however, they took away stock options and many other benefits. Amazon employees lost more than they gained from a $15 pay increase.

Anthony Joe 

Mail order catalog killed off just as internet mail order was beginning to take off. Drills with batteries that are shot out of the box. Tools made in China that often look like seconds, by a brand they no longer own. Can't do an oil change without stripping the drain plug to make it leak, or snooping around in my trunk. Mattresses in place of electronics. Put this dog to sleep! Let them get jobs at Wal-Mart. K-mart and Sears couldn't adapt so Wal-mart and Amazon have their business.... Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Divine Terror 

I wish the Sears workers well, it's not the end. This is a clear sign of a need for change.


"like this village"

lol the town is bigger than a capital city xD

Pierre Berglund 

I know his pain, I worked as a it tec a few years ago and had to explain that Windows is a operating system(OS) and not program that you just can start from the desktop.


Regulating big tech is good(I don't want my info sold!), but I cant help but think that the rules will negatively effect the consumer by restricting free speech, and probably strangal you with copyright laws and censorship. To keep the liability off of the CEO's.


3:20 that dude in the backround though.


Sears dude crying and saying he feels like he failed at the end of working for 30 years nothing more nothing less, just the end like most Vice vids abrupt with no rhyme or reason. Makes me think the Indians and Rastas were right about this system and how it will self destruct!


Companies like google and apple who abuse their customer base should never be allowed the intelligence against competitive interests in consumer goods that would be provided by extensive violations of speech in an “internet bill of rights” which already exists but corrupt government officials have attempted to suppress in recent years out of spite for their betters


Yea... gonna go ahead with an injunction on that.... no internet bill of rights


The right to knowledge already exists. That’s a bunch of garbage.


Google is corrupted...

Joanne Mercader 

China is taking care of its own society and country. Interesting and informative. Advanced technology is awesome and it definitely is fascinating


Everyone go watch the original uncut version of Dr. Jordan Peterson’s interview with vice, and watch the side by side of the FAKE edited version Vice put up.

They are dishonest, have no integrity, and everyone should unsubscribe. They never even apologized or anything.

I would trust anything they report. Please everyone go watch it. Here’s the link:

step horse 

wait, theres a place in usa called Gaylord?

『 Vinicius 』 

BEst 2018 episode. Thanks

Jade Whev 



Lesson from Sears: Don't love something that can't love you back.

Scott Stevenson 

What the - where is the episode that Vice made that showed a guy who criticized the govt and lost all his social credit and effectively couldn’t leave his house?? I’ve searched everywhere for it but can’t find it. Was it deleted?

Anyone else remember watching it?

Rami Sebit 

Those politician so old they don’t even know simple differences between androids & iPhone.

Chad Erickson 

That guy that drove into crowd, once the vehicle was stopped, how was he not pulled out and immediately beaten to death and then beaten for a while longer after that..... I feel Like if someone yelled out " lets beat that guy to death " the remaining crowd would have been very receptive to the suggestion.

Leonardo Castanheira 

I'm fleeing society

worrell30 you mean a bunch of old ignorant people who refuse to try and understand modern tech on the most basic level want to try and regulate it properly? I am so shocked. That was like me trying to explain to my mom how to edit a photo and share it


Lock up cops judges and DAs they will get it RIGHT


6:32 monopoly guy in the background 😂

H J O 

Sears went bankrupt because of their leadership. If you dont evolve, you're going to fail. They had all the time in the world to make changes. I was on their website the other day and it sucked!! I was so annoyed I ended up on home depot to buy my appliances.


Vice news now just as crappy and one sided as the Fake CNN


Congressman asks Google CEO about Apple questions..? WTF.. anyone can run for congress.

j Camacho . 

the blond reporter with glasses is so geeky but yet so exotic n erotic. my crush yo...


idiots like that in suit just tell us we could as well have a bunch of stoned hippies