Children Traveling Alone On Flights||Travel Talk


This video is about children flying alone. Here are some tips to help your young flier when traveling alone.

Disclaimer: These are only my tips and opinions and not associated with any particular airline.


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Andrée Marie 

Great tips ✈️👍🏽

cool cat lover 

I'm 11 going on an airplane by myself for the first time what happens if someone sits next to me and I don't like it

K T 

Hi I love your video . In two week I’m flying internationally and and I’m 15 and I’m flying alone with no attendance and my parents have to do a consent letter and when I get to my final destination i don’t know what to do when I get to the immigration & custom counter and how to give them my consent letter . Do you have any advice on how to do that it would mean so much ❤️

Ella Panda 

I am 11 and I’m flying from HongKong to Japan 🇯🇵 on July and I am really nervous 😬. I’ve been thinking 🤔 about it and it is making me have anxiety. Thank you 😊 for the video it has helped a little. Also, do you know if I’m flying on Japan airlines will there be a air hostess taking care of me?

GoodMusicManiac999 Z 

So well explained! Are you a flight attendant?

Candy Casket 

in my country you are not aloud in the cockpit unless your staff because of safety risk

Cody Wild 

I might fly to England from New Zealand air new Zealand business class and I am 13

Lydia Huney 

And can we see our phone but using earphone?

Lydia Huney 

Can we use earphones to listening music in a flight?

Njr 11 

I'm flying alone back to Canada at 16 is it possible or I have to be 18+


I'm flying alone and I'm eleven will they have a flight attendant with me or no

sloth slopaca 

I am 10 I am going to Europe alone...20 hoirs

kağan Cengiz 


Sky's World 

I am going on a 15hr flight and I am 12. I'm very scared. Can you help.

Lisa Brightsen 

My Granddaughter just turned 6 yesterday. We have custody of her, and are sending her to visit her mother this coming Thursday. She is excited, but I'm a little nervous, she has flown before, but with us. This is her first time unaccompanied. We have done the unaccompanied minor thing before when our kids were little, my husband sent his 2 to their mother for school holidays, but they were older, 8 and 10 I believe. She is going to have so much fun, getting to visit Mommy, and go to one of the last Ringling Brothers Circus with her.

Donia Dodo 

Im travling alone and im 9yars old

Donia Dodo 

You are prety

Mo Vlogs 

Thanks! Absolutely helped!

Madi Sue 

I'm a kid and I'm flying alone in a month so now I can talk to my parents about this



Alice Red 

This is such a helpful video, I bet lots of families will really find this helpful :) Thanks for sharing Tracy!