Cheaters TV show featured on 20/20 (New Host Announced)

Aimee Ward 

Clark Gable has been a successful model and business owner, but casting him for Cheaters was a stupid mistake. He was only about 23 and admitted he had no idea what he had gotten himself into. Joey suffered all kinds of abuse from the cheaters and kept right on going where Clark seemed to take it personally. (The alleged stabbing was hokier than a 3$ bill. Anyone with a medical or legal background could tell you that)

There are rumors of bringing it back next year. Would be interesting to see who would host it. Joey said he has retired the black suit and somehow I think his departure was for less than favorable reasons.




Joey was the best host

Chris Binion 

I wish the Jay Le


this show is fake.

Joe LoPiccolo 

The only cheating being done on the show is that of Bobby the Hebrew Goldstein.His ilk go to any lengths to make a Shekel !

gan ts 

they just try to educate people not to cheat

LeDonna Sotomayor 

Okay I can't be the only one who can't get over the fact of two things. ONE: The new host name is Clark Gable, which they do point out why that's interesting already... BUT here's the other thing you people probably don't know, Clark Gable cheated on his wife with another actress and fathered an illegitimate love child (a daughter, whose mother forced her to get surgery to change her ears when she was seven so that she wouldn't look like Clark...)


I notice when the black girls who get cheated on get arrested when they argue with their man.but the garbage pale looking white women can beat up their man. cops do nothing!


The Vergas Ho on ABC should jam her facial expression up her drunken ass. Who is she to make faces? She got canned for being a booze bag. Her drunk ass will be on season!

Patricia Abidi 


Linda Curry 

If you have to pay someone to spy on your partner there is no trust in the relationship. Just leave if your not happy keep your money for a lawyer for a divorce if you married. If not its more easier to move on and no money is being spent. I think its crazy that you have to spy on someone that's obviously is not worth the time especially if you already feel like they being unfaithful to you. I just don't understand keep it moving and find someone else because they have. This is really sad .

rande stuart 

I love this show

Derek Wall 

they say this show was fake but I don't see anything fake or staged

Patricia Keayes 

9-11 was an inside. job

Vestalia Lamus 

Publique en espaΓ±ol


I like "Clark Gable"! But I still miss "Joey Greco".


Cheaters is a good show, I know it's all fake but really this stuff happens in real life unfortunately. I've been watching the show lately, What happened to Joey Greco?

kris ortiz 

the new guy is worse than the original host Tommy Habeeb..and thats saying a lot

Amanda Mokoena 

Please bring Cheaters to South Africa...


I hate almost all TV and esp "reality" shows. But I absolutely LOVE Cheaters. Some of the confrontations are such an unpredictable train wreck. And Joey had this special way of coming across as this self righteous puke. It was hilarious!

Cesar Ferreyra 



God I hate this show, it's none of theirs and our business to watch these and the people being cheated on shouldn't go to these measures.

Don Wilson Sr. 

now that had to be the most stupidest lie i ever heard "this woman said she had to use the restroom" lol

Marcus Peterson 

Follow Joey on twitter (@thejoeygreco); he deservea a lot more followers.

mia medalla 

without joey on cheaters its like swimming without water.. i missed him pls bring him back


I don't like the new host at all. Joey was perfect, it was a mistake to replace him. Even the original host was better than the guy they have now.


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First Keys to the VIP and now cheaters, what the fk else have I been missing!?

Marcus Peterson 

Cheaters went from a Mister Rogers Sound - Alike.. to Joel "Fitness Pro" Greco.. to a film legends grandson... there's something there!

Tanuki Mapache 

I'll miss Joe, I don'tnow, that new host isn't good, I thin he's just that "pretty grandson face" and nothing more, I'm not glad with him at all, I'll givehim a chance but I thing I'll just stop seeing cheaters at the end.LOL


@ayana fletcher I look forward to seeing you on a future episode.. ;)

A big shame Joey has gone! Since we're about 3 years behind on the show here in the UK, I've only just found this news out. I don't know the reason for him leaving yet but I wish him well, he was a great host of the programme. Shall look forward to seeing the new host in action! :)

Yani Bae 

I don't like cheaters that much. I think they are doing way too much for cheating. A lot of people cheat but putting it on national tv is stupid and should be illegal. I mean a lot of people cheat not all of them remain cheaters all their life. If they cheat it is most likely that you are not pleasing him or her and they don't know how to say the B******* word to you. Or it is because they are too young and they are curious to see if there is more out there

Samial 620 

Really nice program

Diego Matias 

Joey Greco come back because they will lose audience. Greco come back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everton Porter 

I haven't seen Mr Gable,but Joey Greco was a cool host. There was one episode with the psychic clown which had me in stitches, yet Joey kept his composure throughout. I would have been splitting my sides. A real professional.

Everton Porter 

The cheater's punishment is public shame and public humiliation. I've got no sympathy for such rats. They're getting what they deserve. It's the victims and their families I feel sorry for.


Joey has a new TV show?? What is it?


I liked the host before Joey Greco better anyhow


heard this show is fake..there is video of it on youtube..

Andy Benson 

Joey Greco makes cheaters what it is.

Neptune Rose 

I loved that show!! Still do!!!

derek rivera 

dumbest reality show ? i dunno i kinda like it x3

Ryan Countess Gunn 

Just search "Cheaters full episodes" here on YouTube. You'll fund quite a bit.

Kristi Heighington 

where can I watch full episodes of cheaters online?


Seen enough of the new episodes to know that Clark Gable IS NOT ALL THAT, his total lack of concern for the participants and airhead style are not at all suited for the confrontations. Like it or not, Joey Greco really made Cheaters a hit, his absence, along with Gable's arrival, has really gutted the show. Miss you bunches Joey! Good luck on your new TV show for another company, their big gain, our big loss. And, Mr. Goldstein, yes, you are gonna lose money now because of your change in hosts

andi gim 

I love Joey Greco, he should host cheaters always!

Weight Loss Ninjas 

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Carlyn Filio 

Clark Gable is doing a good job so far. Let's give him a chance!!

Brian Aldrich 

Joey rocks! I don't know how to think of Clark yet