CHEAT : Fifa Manager 12


If you have any problem make sure to leave comment below, beacuse I will be making a video for ppl who have some specific problems.

And thumbs up ppl ! ;)

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Silents Hills 

if i choose the lower club like wycombe, bath city cardiff..if i buy cristiano ronaldo..they dont want to move to my club..he said lower prestige..anyone know how to fix that?

Dumbest Prodigy 

now i have the money, how should i spend the money to buy players?

i already checked my transfer budget but still the same as always.. pls help me

Lucas Jose 

it seems that you hhave vista. Just put paste in your desktop, do the changes. then save and put the folder again in the place where was before. that's it! i hope i have helped xD


i dont have the file on mine. Does anyone know why?


Do you any sites where I can I download mods for Fifa Manager? Also, do you know if there's a way to play with more competitions when you're selecting clubs at the start of the season without being restricted?


is there any video how to put my own team badges??????


How do I put the money I now have into the club???

Kenny Afolabi 

i try to do this hack but then when im about to save it it says access denied


Hi there.Thank you for the video. However, when I did this and added the zeros it will not let me save the file. Can you help me here,please?