CGRundertow YESTERDAY for PC Video Game Review


Yesterday review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Yesterday for PC.

Dust off that mouse for some point and click action! Yesterday from Pendulo Studios and Focus Home Interactive has you solving puzzles and mysteries surrounding John Yesterday, Henry White, Satanic Cults, an attempted suicide and how it all fits together. Interesting plot line, good puzzles, clever dialogue make this a must have for point and click adventure fans!

This video review features video gameplay footage of Yesterday for PC and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ashton.

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Sweet Potato 

This game is boring better get the Prequels guys.


Looks interesting. May check it out. Thanks for this review.


This is a brilliant game.


Oh, I didn't know that CGR is reviewing point 'n' click adventures, awesome.


almost bought this yesterday, but i ended up getting Runaway trilogy instead

Steve Raposo 

beat this yesterday

Pablo Molina 

Dont work on saturday


second game: today

third game: tomorrow

John Mountain 

if u want point and click games, go for The Testament of Sherlock Holmes


I've noticed that a lot of point & click adventure games released today are impossible to lose too. I really think it's because the genre got away from illogical, trial and error based puzzle solving and killing the player just for being curious. I think that's a good thing, but I think that just to satisfy people who like the possibility of dying and losing in a game like this that they should at least give the option to have deaths in a game.

La Cueva Del Gamer 

Mmmm i like to touch my self there!!!!! Don't you?????

Phiniox Glade 

I was never a fan of the Serria style deaths, I loved the quest games but I liked lucasarts better


46 seconds ago?! DAAAAAMN

Sex-E Coco 

Funny i actually played this game yesterday :P


ummm, you kind of are one....


nice video!

Also first comment and viewer :D


Fuck off firsters.