CFP Media day: Lawrence prepared for this moment


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ChubbyCatJr 13 

Going to the playoffs his first season dang.go tigers

Malcolm Steckiewicz 


Travis L 

Oh man does anybody else watch these & the hype videos etc... then just get kinda giddy & emotional thinking about the potential of this team... I love Clemson football!


I wanna see this long hair sissy pounded on the field by the ND gorilla's

thomas pope 

Irish bout to get this dub🤑

CLEMSONtiger 300 

Damn some of the same questions being asked over and over and over.. either ask different question or say that’s all Trevor but this is horrible journalism thank god Trevor is mature and good with the media

Shae Micah 


Your fuckin quarterback looks like a dog/horse 😂😂😂

Mrs. Jackson 

Hey bud in the flannel......get the hell out of the way!!!!.......both of

David M 

Lawrence has his head screwed on tight and he'll be rockin' n rollin' along with the rest of his team mates come December 29th. GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark West 

The same incessant questions about Christmas and being away from home. Geez! TL is a very patient young man.

Mark Pitre 

Also they have two interviews going on too close together.

Mark Pitre 

These media guys ask some redundant questions. They keep asking what was the moment it clicked for him.

desmond yon 

I love me sum Trevor thumbs up

The crowing Cock 


M Allen 

this dude is a beast

Wes Phelan 

What's with those people in front of trevor?

Mark Morris 

Trevor's great but these journalists and some of the questions they ask are completely ridiculous he was asked two or three times about how he felt about being away from Christmas how many times does he have to tell you and how many different ways you can see the expression on his face and the tone in his voice when he answers some of these stupid questions so one thing we know he definitely has is patience

Nigel Irons 

He seems really grounded. I hope he can stay that way. It has to be hard to know you are a GOAT, but remain humble as well.