Central Market Guide PC & XBOX Relevant Black Desert


Guide on how the new marketplace works on NA/EU & Xbox for Black Desert Online. LIVE STREAM https://www.twitch.tv/bladeboques website www.bladeboques.com

Channel:  BladeBoques
The TreeClub 

leave it to ur fav hero to save us lil ppl... while ur unfriendly neighborhood ninja cuts us all up :P gg man ty <3 this is why ur the best

while layvan is off killing everyone ur trying to make all of us money

trinity star 

BDO is a shameless cash shop grab. Help bury this pile of trash next to Archaeage's grave. It's own player base doesn't even recommend it. Find something better.

VB Bear 

Is it too soon to tell how previous consistent silver items like cooking clothes will be affected. Seems like this change really hurts the little guy trying to make silver. The only thing I craft that has kept its value has been grunil. Debating on just selling almost every raw material I have at this point.

Feels like we should just cut our losses and sell everything that won't give the same profit as before. The previous consistent money makers don't look like they will recover due to everyone flooding the market and not realizing the negative effects it creates. Like just because you have 50 cooking clothes and want to sell them doesn't mean you should sell them at nearly half the price people would normally buy them at.


It hurts my OCD to see your headphones so unleveled :D

Bri Prinster 

Thanks for the super informative videos! Been studying up on them as a brand new BDO player for Xbox 😁 can’t wait!


Great video boques it realy helped a lot.

Joe Morgan 

I love the new marketplace. Thanks for the tips!


Damn blads why u,re so calm normally ure so enthusiastic great vid btw

Lord Chumpington 

I can't remember if you said it, but does the ordering also work on Pearl items?


Nice video can’t wait to start making silver on Xbox

NukeEm Bdo 

Great vid as always @Blade I’ll see you in game at launch ✌🏼

P.s- This is NukeEm


sell those scrolls pls

Jelmer War