Cathay Pacific CX197 : Flying from Hong Kong to Auckland


24th April 2017

On the finale of Season 3: Familiar Skies, I fly Cathay Pacific CX197 on their 6 months old A350-900 in the new Cathay Pacific livery. Unlike my previous journey from HKG-AKL, in which I flew Air New Zealand's B777-200ER, I decided to fly Cathay Pacific's A350-900 because I loved the aircraft so much. I truly wished that I flew the A340-300 as I still regretted that decision but we can't go back to the past. But now, we begin the final journey... back home.

After returning from Maritime Square on Tsing Yi by travelling on the Airport Express. We made our way to Zone C and checked in for our flight. The self-service kiosks were quick and efficient but I wouldn't mind if we were checking in through the counters as we had a lot of time. Then, we got our boarding passes and headed through to immigration and the security-screenings. We did some shopping and ate at a Burger King before heading to Gate 63 for boarding. I settled at Seat 47K, close to the toilets but right be...

One World Flyer 

Awesome video! I look forward to season 4.

Just one piece of advice, I prefer real footage rather than add on footage, like the safety video ;)

Wiechai Martin 

nice VDO!!!

Jet jet HK 

Nice video ! Love Cathay very much. Just liked and subscribed

Bernd Kl├╝ver 

Hong Kong.

Herb Fong photography 

Awesome! The A350 really is much better than the 777 in every aspect! Regarding the A340-300, you can still catch Air Tahiti Nui, but they will be replaced by the 787-9 in 2019.

Elvis FLY 


Miles Round The World 

Hey Aero flight XV would you like a shoutout? I love your channel