Casting 441 Ported Head TRUE Three Angle Valve Job 9.


Three Angle Valve Job done RIGHT!!! while lapping is still used as an indicator of roundness, nothing beats the Valve Seat Concentric Gauge, which I use on all HP valve jobs at no more than .0012 seat runnout ( I always try for less than .001). or call 615-212-7168


I was cringing while watching this.... smh

buddy waldon 

Could you show how to dress a stone? I just bought an old Snap On setup, and while I've done valve jobs in the past I just want to make sure I get it right. Also, you might want to show how to choose a stone size for a given valve size.........thanks, good job!


where is your shop located jw


how do i get to ship you my new set of heads

Eero Laukkanen 

Planning to do valve job into my Infiniti FX45 ( 4.5 litre v8), 4 valves /cylinder, 2 overhead camshafts, done "simplier" engines before, also planning to hone cylinders a bit, and just replace piston rings same time. Reason for this, engine, has only 120000 started to smoke really bad, no noise, no really lost of power, but has to add oil daily now, no oil leaks otherwise. So thinking my valve stem seals did run dry a little???, now needs to replace them. So, couple questions: you think I could sand/grind valves myself?/ Done that before, and how much free play there can be in valve guides, so I don't have to replace them/ or valves?? I will replace timing chains (2) same time, so could I adjust valves ( has shims), when heads are off the engine?? Thanks, you are a good man, learning a lot from these videos! youtheman =) Also, planning to replace connecting rod bearings same time, has to take pistons out anyway...., how do I measure, what size bearings I need??? Thanks =)

Future Flash 

may i know the function of three angle valve?what will it do to the engine performance?thank you..


I wish you would do my heads man!

Ben Johnson 

always lap the valve, safe insurance


Hi Mate,  If I sent you a set of alloy heads from Australia would you be happy to work your magic on them?

Frank Holguin 

Just amazing how darn smart mechanics are. like skilled surgeon

Billy Eason 

45.5 seat cut and a 44.5 valve cut, your thoughts and are you cutting true 45* seats?


Nice job.well done vids.


How much pressure should a head hold with a new valve job done?

This is fascinating stuff man, I need a job in Hi Performance engines somewhere.

Where do you start? How do you get into it?

Brian Brochu 

good job tony, after your valve job, do you vacuum test or leakdown test your head to see if it seal 100% or is there another way to do....


If I took my 3800 Series II engine to a machine shop, how much would I plan on spending for valve porting, head truing, cylinder boring and how likely would it be to use the same crankshaft and camshaft that came with it.  I'd like to say that the cylinders wouldn't need to be bored out if I could hand crank the engine, but the damn thing is seized up.  A junkyard motor is $1000 with 136,000 miles on it, remanufactured $2270.  What is my cheapest option here?

Mike One 

how do you know which stone to use?


When you say Vizzard. Are you speaking of David Vizzard? I have one of his books " How to build Horse Power in any engine"   Was a decent read especially his theory on selecting a cam shaft..   You saying that what he knows about head work was learned from you? Unfortunately that is the way things work. However if he claims the credit for the ideas you developed, that is disgusting and i'll avoid buying any more of his books as there is no telling who else's theories could be in them LOL

charles servedio 

Power is made in one place, the heads. Why? Because they are the biggest restriction of the entire flow path. That is why bolting on a 750 Holley to a bone stock 350 does not do much over a 500 cfm two barrel.

Headbytes Porting 

Continued) engine of 350 inches at least 65 HP. Change the cam and gain another 25 to 35 HP, change intake and go to headers and get another 35 to 50 HP so it entirely possible to go from 200 to just at 350/350 through the heads, cam change, intake and headers. The power is made in ONE place, the heads, then you build everything else upon that.

Headbytes Porting 

Why Thanks young man, I do this as it was an Idea back in 1991, and it was stolen from me by a man who took advantage of me and my work. As it turns out his meaningless effort was a joke, but he made THOUSANDS off of my hard earned work, but not this time around. I want to arm and give my knowledge to keep dishonest machine shops (about 90% of all machine shops are) in check. As far as HP on stock heads like 882's, I can take a set of them and change nothing else and give an (continued

D Ram 

what the best hp and torque rating you got from doing head like a stock 350 that puts about 200 stock and with your ported heads gives it a certain amount over stock

also would like to thank you for showing us younger generation guys this

hot rodding is still alive buy diy'ers is a dying breed

Headbytes Porting 

Hell No, that is the fun of all this. If I give away enough, and let everyone know what is up with this, the big shops wont be able to over-charge without explanation. Can you imagine?

Charles Servedio 

Stop giving away secrets!

Headbytes Porting 

That would be FUN. I hope I can be involved somehow. You would need about 235cc of runner for sure.

Headbytes Porting 

Once might considered a FLUKE!!! Twice or back to back shows a Pattern. Three Times shows there is a method to my madness, and I do mean madness!!!


I can't wait to see the videos and the outcome!


still the 1.6, I will swap them this month for full 1.5 rollers, the car is wants to be above 2500 rpm, with a 6spd it's not too bad but I think I will opt for a little more drive ability.


Still the stock rear, stock bottom end, I know what will happen to that rear if I put slicks on it and until I can justify 2k for a new rear this one will have to do. I was doing some research and there is a way to make the rear end last longer but don't think I want to waste my money on a 10 bolt, rather wait, winter is coming and the car wont see the road till spring anyways. The 391 is not bad but I might as well take it to the next step with a dart block sbc 427 in the long run.

Headbytes Porting 

It is HAPPENING NOW!!! I got a pair of the SAME HEADS that I am doing a 383 with next month (after I am caught up from the Pneumonia in June, July) and it is also a TURBO car. Guy lives in Texas and is working closely with me on this. BIG POWER!!!

Charles Servedio 

450 rwhp is awesome out of a 350! But you know hot rodders, I would be building a stroker to see the results of those heads with more cubes. Damn hot rodders.

Headbytes Porting 

I am STOKED he got 450 at the wheels Yank!!! Out of 350 CID STOCK and a 1.94 and 1.50 valve size. Thing is with the precision work I done on the mechanical end (valve job and guide work) these things will last forever....

Headbytes Porting 

Carp, you have been truly one of the great customers I ever had, in the respect you done what you promised IF my work performed like I told you. 90% of the time, I just never hear back from my customers after I done what I done for them, but when I call them they rant and rave about my work. I guess to most people when you get what you got out of me there is no need to pat me on the back EVEN though they promised they would leave feedback, and to that, when I can ever do anything for you again..

Charles Servedio 

Carp, which rockers worked the best? 450 at the wheels? Upgrade the rear yet? If not you should save up. What is next a 391 lt1?


These aluminum heads you carved me still rocking my SBC 5.7 with 450 rwhp now. Considering it has the typical bolt-ons a cam and your heads it works great! Keep up the good work, always looking forward to seeing new videos from you.


Well I don't think It's really about winning or loosing but rather one's personal experince, my next machine is a Centroid CNC they claim 0 runout and perfact ports I guess I will find out Best regards

Headbytes Porting 

Like I said, to each there own. This discussion was not about flow numbers (although that is an issue) but rather about sealing capability and longevity of the 45 degree angle. Looks like you win guy, I hardly ever hit .0002 in my 24 years of doing this, so your the man....


If your with in .0005 with your run out that is a good valve job I use a gauge to check how concentric the seats are, I use a Van Norman machine with an air table with Sunnen cutters with this set up I've seen .0002 on the gauge that's about as close to perfect as you get I used the Sunnen VGS I didn't care for it I always had to finish with stones the run out was terrible with the Van Norman no stone finishing required and the flow bench numbers are equal or better than Sioux grinding,

Headbytes Porting 

WTF, Continued whenever) to remove and set the Depth of the valve in the bowl and to set up the 60 (70, 80) after the bowl hog or W/O the hog so the stones have NOTHING in the way of cutting the 45 seat angle and it will PULL the concentricity of the Seat/Bowl relationship to where they behave like a well oiled machine to one another!!! This has been my experience, and that of MANY others currently in this profession who have been at this a LONG TIME. like I said 7512, I respect your opinion.

Headbytes Porting 

Really Final Continued). side or another causing the grinder to remove more material off one side or the other, then the cure for that (and it is a blessing from God here guys) is to take the hand held "seat pointer" that affixes the position of the seat by holding onto the stem and moving the pointer to the place you want the seat to be positioned at. I set it at the TOP of the face of the valve (nearest the stem where the undercut is) and use the awesome seat cutters (or bowl hog) Contin

Headbytes Porting 

Continued Final) to .001. That being said, There is a USE that I love the Serdi and Sunnen for, and it is a TIME SAVER, and does the best job of. That is PREP for the valve job. What I mean is Me (along with MANY other professional Head guys) use this machine to remove the bulk material inside the bowl, and to off-set the guide installation (Guide are always a LITTLE off, some are a LOT off depending on how wore out the guides are, or the guide hole wallerd out). IF the guide is OFF to one (cont

Headbytes Porting 

Continued) National Records in Super Stock and Stock Eliminator. THERE IS NO FIXED CARBIDE OUT THERE THAT WILL GIVE THE CONCENTRICITY OF THE SUIOX STONES IN TERMS OF SEAT RUNNOUT!!! This is of course the 45 degree angle after using the 60 and 30 coming to a point. I am not saying Myvintageiron7512 that there is no machine out there that cannot produce the runnout numbers I use (no valve job above stage III goes out my door with more than .001, and I TRY hard to keep it from 0005 to no more (c

Headbytes Porting 

Continued) what we found, was horrific runnouts, some in excess of .004. We played with speed of the cutter, several types of cutters and pilots till me and him was blue in the face. Hell, even with the TOBIN ARP and the tooling that brought it up to Spec would still hit .003 runnout. Now what I am about to say is up to date wise till 2008, and the latest VG machine and Serdi machine ) I worked with at the last shops before I went independent in May of 2009 after winning my final NHRA (continue

Headbytes Porting 

Continued) me and Paul begin to really pay attention to the valve seat runnout of the machine, the carbid cutters and pilots. Lapping just does not show the whole picture, it just is a quick way to see IF it is the same color all the way around, and a way to "JUSTIFY" you done a great job. The only way, as I am sure you know, is with a SEAT RUNNOUT GAUGE (which very few shops have these days, and it still blows my mind that they don't which tells you what type of shop they are). Continued

Headbytes Porting 

Continued) ($35,000.00 Later) Vizzard was eating this up (he promoted this to his own benefit through Serdi) My mentor Paul Smith, who I respect to this day more than anyone I ever met pulled me to the side and whispered to me "something is wrong here, and this man is full of shit, never trust a Swede". My boss was all but ready to sell the shops stones and equipment (Sioux Valve Grinder) and the Tobin Arp which we used to install Seats and Screw-In Studs. Anyway, after a few weeks went by(Cont

Headbytes Porting 

Everyone has there own opinion my friend, and I respect that; however, I have run the VG series Sunnen valve job machine, the Serdi 100, the Peterson 25, and several of the Tobin Arp machines over my 24 years. I still remember when the Serdi came to our shop in 1991 in my Pontiac Hey-Day. It was supposed to do everything except mop the floors! The rep cam to show us the savvy of the machine and go over it with us for three days and while my boss (Jerry Goodale) was in awe over it (Continued


I have to disagree with you on the cutters I have the same sioux stones and drivers as you had them for many years they do work well however also sunnen 3 angle cutters the sunnen cutters are every bit as much as true as the stones it's all in the set up if you do it right the cutters are true with in .0002 and no lapping required the reason most people think that cutters are not true is they don't know how to use them.


Headbytes Porting 

YOU GOT IT NICKRIEDE!!!!!!!! 95% of the time SHOPS get them off center, and your screwed. The Real three angle is done with the 60/30 first, and in my opinion is the only way to do it, and the real work is the 60/30 as the 45 is a KISS........Thanks


great video. ive ground some seats and valves before, never a 3 angle job. I got really frustrated this evening trying my first 3 angle. kinda dicked the heads up.... started with the 45. then did the 60 and 30.... didnt know the order in wich to start.. makes good sense doing the 60 and 30, then widen your seat with the 45. hope I didn't ruin my heads.... and the shop that did my guides had them off center a bit... had to grind a good amount off one side before it ever touched the other.

Headbytes Porting 

I used a Serdi, a Sunnen and the Neway cutters a few years ago, while they are QUICK, they lack Concentricity BADLY!!! I remember the Serdi when they hit the US back in 1990, thougt it was the best thing since sliced bread, till I put a runnout (NOT LAPPING) gauge on it and I was shocked, over .003 on some of them. I played with the cutter speed to no end and it never got below .002 on most. Thing is the design, ONE CUTTER ROTATING WITH NO PRESSURE ON ONE SIDE makes it uneven on pressure sides.


You have answered THE question i have been looking for a answer for. Stones vs carbide cutters. And as a machinist i agree with your answer. What about the neway cutters? They use 5 blades, would that help the concentricity? Love the videos. Keep em comin!!