Car vs plane emissions

Dave Gray 

The real problem here is to use "passanger kms" as the unit of comparision. How many people drive from Sydney to London (return); a typical jet generates around 6 tonnes per person for such a trip. International jet travel is the 7th largest polluter "country" in the world. If you include domestic air travel the polution is far greater.

 I love aircraft, I think they are great and impressive creations, but we need to seperate facts from emotion.

Modern western culture is addicted to many polluting activities; jet travel is one of them.

Stibam elgrin 

Great video. I have looked many places on the net for these numbers. And it looks like airplanes usually wins. On longer jouneys it also looks like cars pollute more.

But i am still not convinced. Because cars have emission control systems. Catalytic converters, EGR and many other major on minor systems that cuts emission og

HC ( hydrocarbons ) CO ( carbon monoxide) and Nox ( nitrous gasses ).

Planes with jet engines, do they also have some sort of emission treatment/control or fitration?