Car Market Bubble


Pick through historical data for the automotive industry and you’ll see that for the last eight years, new car sales have increased every year. So who is buying all these new cars? Well, it seems just about everybody. British households borrowed a record thirty-one point six billion pounds in two thousand and sixteen to buy cars. That’s up twelve percent on the year before, and treble the amount spent on new cars just eight years ago. Now that might sound like great news if you’re in the motor industry but be warned, these amazing figures are the result of three unique factors coming together to create the perfect storm. And I don’t think it’s going to last.

The first is to do with the baby boomer generation. Elite Investor Club friend and leading economist, Harry Dent has been predicting and analysing the buying trends of the general population for decades. He’s discovered that baby boomers can significantly influence the growth or decline of key industries as they move through the...

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Autoline Network, a YT channel on automotive news, discussed on a video last year that some huge % of American car loans were subprime loans. I imagine this is the case in many countries.