Car Buying Tips - Financing PT3


This is a short series where others can share their stories about car buying. We throw out some tips and tricks. This video covers some tips on financing cars for those who plan to sell and potentially save some headache.

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Part 1: Research and Shopping

Part 2: Warranties and Accidents

Part 3: Financing

Part 4: Dealer Experience and Delivery

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JD Gaming 1050 

Leasing a car is the most expensive way to operate a vehicle.

Save and pay cash for a used car. Research and get the car inspected. No need to give someone your money for 5-7 years over a car that loses value the second you drive off the lot.


*I had a question* would you recommend getting a used *_2015/16 lexus rc350_* I believe it's a strong car that will last me a decade easily


Awesome advice especially the having the money and negotiating over the phone.

I've seen a few people who went into a car buying experience with the intention of staying on a firm budget who ended up buying all kinds of extra bullshit because they simply got fatigued being at the dealership for hours and just want to get the hell out of there.

Timothy Fish 

My rule is to wait until I have the cash in hand before I buy a car. A few thousand dollars will buy a usable car. If you can't afford to pay cash for something like that, you can't afford to pay the expenses of a car. If you can afford to finance a car then you can afford to put that money in the bank and wait until it builds up to the point where you can buy the car without a loan. You'll save a ton of money by doing that.

Mike Barber 

SPARK!!!! But I'm still for sure gonna get my pink Aspire. Well, maybe that Capri XR7.


You look like Bernie Sanders bro

W Dietsche 

Hey man love the vids. For someone who is looking at a specific brand that doesn't depreciate as quickly, do you think going used is still worth it? I'm a 10+year kinda guy when it comes to my car, my '03 Accord is finally showing it's age and I'm looking to make a long term purchase and like the value of Subaru's AWD as well as the supposed merits of the boxer engine.


Would you recommend Leasing a new Lexus IS350? or ES350? Or buying (finance) a new Honda Accord?

Sling King 

I fukn love you guys. I appreciate the dry humor on 2 of 3. Anyway, this was all great advice. I didn't realize how reasonable aftermarket warranties were. I'll have to do some checking before my next purchase. If you guys ever find yourselves in Oregon, beers on me.

Bradley Ward 

Are you former military, Mr. Goose? I was under the impression that only former or current military can use USAA


I can't even drive yet but I found this interesting


Ive had a hell of a time financing. Every dealer said the credit was in the mid 500's but could not get financed at all or at 22 percent because of outstanding balance. Was looking for a car with a warranty not because I was bored with my current car. The only one who could do something was Carmax but the car was too much money still. I tried w a credit union but they wouldnt either I dont know all the creditors look at different credit reporting companies and i cannot make heads and tails of them


You should get a motorcycle...hehehe

Michelle Lynn 

Best advice. I would also advise to wait when your cu has a low auto rate promo.I used my credit union as well for the same reason I wanted to be in and out. Some people just dont get it though and the first dealer kept insisting he could get me a better rate than my cu and kept trying to negotiate. I walked out of there to another dealer and got a good deal went to my cu and took the check. Done. The first dealer called me and I told him you shouldn't play games when someone has a check ready my goodness.

U. Nabi 

wat abt new non-luxury cars?

Paul and Rebecca K 

Love the Plymouth Laser references savagegeese, glad you're looking out for the "real men" in your audience! :) I agree with your buy used analysis especially after buying a new Boxster last year for $51k ($60k MSRP, it was on the lot for over a year) and traded it this year for $41k after 3,300 miles! Got a '15 Azera daily driver for $18k certified w/39k miles (was a rental car). Still has 61k of warranty/9 yrs and if I drive it for 3 years or so and put on 15k miles total, should get about $12k trade, $2k/year ain't bad! Can't believe how solid it is after rental use!

MN saint 

Can anyone get financing from USAA or is it just for military and former military members and their families?

Countrified Jose 

I agree on the credit union option. I first got my car with capital one, which from my experience, is a good option for people with lower credit scores. Four months later my CU had a promotion of cutting rates in half if you refinance with them regardless of your credit score. My rate went from 6% to 3%.

Andal Silus 

Thanks again...

Cali Livin_s550 

Does refinancing hurt your co-signer's credit score?


What if we don't live in the real world?

S Lee 

I really enjoyed this short series on Car buying tips.  Keep it coming!


can you use credit unions for leasing?

Toro Cars 

another thing, when the dealer asks you for your USAA rate don't tell them. Hahaha Knowing USAA is one of the kickass places who gives awesome rates, their next move is to try to beat USAA's rate... but since they don't know USAA's rate, they will give you the best rate their credit union can give! Sometimes 1.9 percent rate..just to get something from you. They would do this rather than you using that check from USAA and they get nothing in return. You've won the 1st battle.. the next fight is to try to sell you their warranties and extended coverages, maintenance package etc etc.... try not to be rude and entertain their offer and act interested but of course at the end of the day, you're not gonna take it and are only after their 1.9 percent. Doing this by phone will not get you that counter offer because they won't be able to hard sell you their warranties. anyone else has other tips?


PenFed CU is car jesus

wayde philpot 

great advice! im def going to lease my next daily driver.