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These are some of the reasons why we really love Canada. There's so much things to do and things to see! Great video Steve ;) Keep it up. :)


pretty please can you fix the audio to this video it seems amazing <3

Robert Purnell 


Night Walkers 

Anything you can do about the sound?

Nicole Usher 

There's no sound

Talisson Mendes 

No sound. =(

Garrett Cole 

Mine didn't have any volume


can you reupload this without the copyright sound restriction:{ want to know what you're saying


We can't hear the music such a shame. :(

James Holmes 

The music has been removed. WHAT?!



Bryan Finlay 

Dope! I live here! :D


everything was so beautiful until the shot of that tattered Canadian flag :(

Cameron In Canada 

Great video. I am glad you took the time to explore i live in Alberta sadly cause of climate change in the near future the glaicers will melt away. If you ever return here PM me as a local i wpuld like to show you amazing siguts that tourist often miss.

Vicky Rojas 

Wow! Gorgeous video!! I haven't been to the mountains in forever!! I'm from Edmonton, Alberta ☺️ your video makes me want to go soon! Xoxo


i live in Alberta!

Zach Pachan 

As a fellow Albertan I would like to say thank you for showing the world how beautiful and peaceful my home really is! Amazing video/editing. If you guys ever do comeback you have to check out the dark skies in Jasper! - PceOut - Zach P

William Hawkes 

You and Ben are one of my inspiration in videography. Great film, really enjoyed it.

Alex Mears 


Kylie Gallant 

Thank you for capturing and sharing my beautiful province :)


I want to go there so bad!

Adriana Rooker 

Alberta πŸ™ŒπŸ’•

Sebastian Dietl 

What a great video!

Does anybody know which editing program he is using?


Congratulations on hitting 100K ! Keep up the good work man

Jake Milligan 

amazing Steve just started watching your videos there are amazing i hit that subscribe button straight away !!!!!! ;)

cheechn chong 

Canada's the best

Isabella Czifra 

This is insane in HD

Mackenzie W 

I live in Alberta!

vanessa manalastas 

You guys never got to visit Banff, and ride the gondola.


I'm from Canada and I'm still blown away from the images. Great job Steve :)

Future 87 

Nice1 bro love it :) definate inspiration your videos and pics are awesome dude keep it up ;)


You are the straightest poof ever Steve. I bet you take it up the bum-bum hole. Tell Louis and Ben about your sexuality or I will! And I bloody well mean it!

Vanessa Mitchell 

Damn this makes me miss home! I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and literally went to those mountains every weekend. I live in NYC now, which i love since i am pursuing my dream career, but I CAN NOT WAIT to go home for xmas and go skiing!!

Caitlin P 

I am so glad you had a good time in this beautiful country of ours. If you ever come back you should do the east coast instead. There is so much beauty of different kinds out there. You can pretty much ignore the middle provinces unless you go to the northern parts of them, though. I live in Southern Ontario and we don't have much to look at here. ;)

Paige Thomsen 

I live in Alberta lol


This looks so lush. You must of had a brilliant time. We are big fans of your vids!

Sulaiman Alshaya 

wow Steve ... the sites are amazing

must visit

good filming

Party Inspirations 

Wow truly amazing.x

Kari Adams 

Beautiful video, Steve! :D

Tracy B 

Loved watching the footage you and Ben have posted of your trip to Canada. I am a born and raised Albertan, love my province and all it's breathtaking scenery. I was in Jasper last month and am going again next month - can't wait, all the places we stop to see never get old, they are greeted with just as much anticipation as the first time.

Alex Lowe 

The ending shot was beautiful

Luke Svarc 

Awesome video, Canada looks amazing.

Can you tell me which camera you &/or Ben use please?


Subscribed! :D

Ben Rogers 

you're vids make me soooo happy u are one of my favourite youtubers ever and i think u r a really nice person plz make vids more often!!!!!


That looks beautiful !! :)

Tiernan Halpin 

Im going to Canada, thanks to you and Ben! Your filming is sick!

Debbie Ok 

u went to my city and u were literally 5 mins away from my house and i didnt even see you!

Olivia Avenue 

This is absolutely beautiful! I hope to go here someday and thanks for favoriting my tweet Steve.

regina L 

Yay for Steve!!!! We love you!!!!! Xx


FunForLouis brought me here. I'm from Alberta originally.