C_THR12_66 – SAP Exam Human Capital Test Management Questions


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What am I going to be tested for?

SAP C_THR12_66 exam is for candidate's who want to demonstrate knowledge and abilities in the area of the SAP Human Capital Management. It also tests if the candidate has a good understanding within the human capital test consultant profile, and if he can implement this knowledge practically in projects under guidance of a C_THR12_66 exam experienced consultant.

Which are some of the topics of the C_THR12_66 ERP exam?

Test Topic 1: Organizational Management C_THR12_66 Configuration Questions (Exam Coverage 16%)

Test Topic 2: Personnel Administration C_THR12_66 Configuration Test Questions (Exam Coverage 20%)

Test Topic 3: Organizational Management Questions (Exam Coverage 20%)

Test Topic 4: Personnel Master C_THR12_66 Data Questions (Exam Coverage 24%)

Test Topic 5: Reporting and Analytics Questions (Exam Coverage 20%)

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