Busch Gardens Tampa Complete Walk-Through and Tour HD Florida

Tina Swinford 

You did an amazing job on this video!!


Just saying people catch animals lock them in cages and people pay just to see them

chris columbia 

Best Theme Park in Florida!!!! Wonderful experience!

Antolina Lopez 

I have never been there this is going to be my first time for 5th grade it is going to be my field trip i git to go on may 18 2018 OMG

Ed Heath 

i was watching rollorcoasfers on ü tube à black women fell out from thé thé top of Thé rollorcoaser goeing à round the corner and died never tale tour litte Kids on thé rollorcoaser there sandres

Corrinne Harvey 

As a lifetime Florida resident, I am in love with this park

Donna and Meri G 

I have been there 10 times but i still love all roller coasters and tomorrow I am going there too but with my friends this time I am so excited and good video ( I actually live in Florida Gainsville and it is only 1,5 hour so i go there 5 times a year )

Luis H 

I went there with my dad in 2014 and the girl that was selling the tickets realized that we were from another country and she asked us if that was our first time in the park (it was indeed) and she give us two flashpass for free :D It is a beautiful park, way better than Disney in my opinion.

Alexis 1095 

this im going at bush garden im so excited 😁

Amusement Amazing 

who here likes busch gardens more than seaworld ?






Aidan_ YT 


Carina Becker 

how can those animals live with so much music around them it makes me get crazy only watching and hearing al the loud music

Panda Power 

those rollercoasters look too scary for me!

Hillary Crichton 

😮💭Oh my god! 💭This is bringing back some good memories! 😮😄💭I remember as a kid when my grandparents had their condo in Indian Shores (between St. Petersburg and Clearwater) I would go down to visit them during March Break up until I was 14 years old, we'd always go down to Busch Gardens. I loved the rides! My favourite ones were the Scorpion, the Python, The Sandstorm, Wild Water Rapids and the Stanleyville Flume Ride, we would always get SOAKED on those!😂😀 ✈️Then we went back 6 years ago after my Grandpa passed away & we went to Busch Gardens. I loved the Tidal Wave and the Cheetah Run so awesome! 💭 I also remember how hot it was! It was soooo HOT! And on top of it, 🌩later, we were looking @ some elephants & all of a sudden there was this BIG, LOUD crack of thunder and I just RAN for shelter😬 and the Sky Ride broke down and there were all of these people STUCK in cable cars in mid air while this thunderstorm was happening😬 Wow!

Hillary Crichton 

👀Wow! Nice Video! I loved seeing the animals when you took us on that virtual safari and I liked the views👍🏻. Did you go on the rides?

Kiwi Gaming 

Did you guys ever notice that when he or she is watching the people on chettah hunt that there's nobody on there ?

Shaun Phillips 

Done it loved it

Maria Sigala 

we got all year passes

Brandon Savitski 

The girl at 13:06 - 13:09 was checking you out!

Kristoff Williams 

I'm going there this summer

Kayla Carter 

I love this

Donna Ciggs 

I'm going on may 24 for jeaga middle end of school year field trip

Jeannie Garratt 


Jamie Kohlhorst 

So excited I'm going tomorrow ☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😄😄😉😉

• moon • 

I'm going this week thanks for such a great tour I never been there 😊🐆🐆🎢👍👍👍

Kelly Helms 

I used to live about an hour away from there, and now I'm in Michigan. I dearly dearly miss this park. I loved it so so much!

Jeffrey Lockhart 

Annual Passholder.  3 things amiss.  You go into kangaroo/wallaby area but didn't "shoot" any of the animals.  No shots from gondola ride and no Stanley train showing African animals.  You seemed more interested in roller coasters.

Max Mk 

You deserve more than like I wish if i can do 10000 likes 👍🏻👍🏻

Great video thanks for the 25 minutes of joy, tampa on the top of my favorite places to be visited

Albert de Nooijer 

I always wanted to go on the Sheikra ride, but never got a chance to.

Jonathan Taylor 

Am I the only one who notices that there is nobody in this theme park?

Carlos Luis 

im going to busch gardens for a field trip in 2 weeks

John Metzler 

which ones is bigger tampa or williamsburg ?

Grady Holcomb 

How much is a one day park admission?

Laressa Grogan 



finally a day when florida isn't raining or blistering hot


Might be going next year!!!!! So excited and pumped!

Joey Platania 

I'm a local to BGT and am very happy for it! I absolutely love the scenery and animals at BG and not to mention the vast variety of rides! I love Cheetah Hunt and Montu and Kumba, Sheikra's alright (although I can't deny that front row is a crazy experience). BGT and BGW both do a great job with scenery and making your experience great for all ages...I wouldn't want to live close to any other park, this is by far my favorite park in the world!


In my opinion Busch Gardens Tampa and Busch Gardens Willamsburg are the most beautiful theme parks in the world


Saw Cher Lloyd here last summer :) And seeing Austin Mahone on April 18th here :D


I love ths place :D


They never show you the restrooms on these damn walkthrough videos.

Danelie C 

I live less than a hour away from BG but I never have been there. I hope to go soon.

Vickie Lynne 

simply loved my virtual tour ...

Charles FraFra 

Good old memories. I went to BG when I was 10 or 12. I've not had the chance to go again.

Jenna Clark 

going in 2 hours xD


Busch Gardens Tampa really lacks good ole traditional rides. I'm not too upset about SandStorm getting the boot for Falcon Fury because, I mean, cmon. Getting dropped face down at 60mph? Yes pls!

But this park just really lacks "middle of the road" rides. My little sister from my fathers second marriage, for example, is 8 now and 2 inches away from the height limit to ride all the best rides and too big for all the kiddie rides now. She's really craving more thrill rides at this point but she's restricted to Cheetah Hunt (which she loves with the intensity of the Tampa summer heat), Scorpion (loves), Sand Serpent, Phoenix, Log Flume, River Rapids, and Gwazi (but her mother doesn't let her ride it for fear of headaches :I ). It sounds like a lot but some of those aren't all that thrilling and that number is a tiny fraction when compared to places like Kings Dominion and Cedar Point that always have all the standard fare like swings etc in addition to their big rides. Even the sister par


I am glad to live in Florida.Going to Busch gardens Tampa this thanksgiving!What is the most intense seat on their high thrill coasters?

Olivia Jacobs 

I also love Busch Gardens way more than Disney!


I was in Florida for vacation and Bush Gardens rocked more than Disney World.  Just my own opinion.  It had everything from roller coasters to seeing animals.  It was lovely.  I'll go again for sure.