Build a SIMPLE Computer Monitor Stand


MMM 199 - A computer stand is a great ergonomic solution to bring your monitor up to eye level while also adding storage space and style to your desk!

Tools I may have used in this video:

RZ Mask:


Safety Glasses:

Table Saw:

Drill & Driver:

Elsa Lam

Don't be stupid 

oh god, slippers with socks.


Your cool



Michael Maxwell 

Really cool project & btw, that sock/sandal combo is DEADLY!

Reach For The Sky 

Can frame out a sybian? Pulling off the half moon curve has been difficult for me.

Cadena Ek 

I bought excellent handbook from stodoys website. Just google stodoys and start your journey to the better life


Look at this, it's not bad

The Alchemist 

Pretty good, great idea. However you'll soon be cursing it since the back of the shelf is open and your stuff will fall down. I'd deepen the shelf and put a backing on it. Or just put a backing on it, definitely the backing.


I loved it .... 😘

Goncalo Quinas 

Very great design there man and also one of my favorites hobby. Big like


very nice..!

B&O Craftsman 

Turned out great!! I'm liking the new video style.


Never make all your measurements on the board, then cut. Make one measurement at a time then cut; then your second measurement and so on

Unless you can accurately include your saw blade width and cutting skills into the overall measurement you will end up short on the end product

Jamie Rogers 

I personally live by "a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind" but this desk stand works well.

"Our mission is simple: to strengthen our communities" - something you live by in your spare time as well as work. :)

riparare low cost 

complimenti bel video ^_^

angry bunny 

Music (you always have the most interesting music and nicely timed with the video, too)? And you used and video showing super glue, but also show a bottle of Titan III. Where did you use that? Mixed the two? If so, that is interesting. ahh, nothing like using P400 (FEPA). One of my favorites to sand with.

Dale Moskalyk 

Where did you put the wood glue after the super glue? Groovy bow-tie too man. Sharped dressed man. And I won't bring up what rain means nowadays. Peace.

Glen Morrow 

I have used my planer "rain" for vegetable garden as mulch in walking space between planting rows and mulch around the big plants such as tomatoes and peppers.

Chris St. John 

Nice and Elegant. The computer stand, absolutely 100%. Socks with flip flops, not so much. Beautiful build.

Home Craft Chronicles 

"Simple and Elegant" were exactly the 2 words that came to mind as i watched this. Very nice sir!

Tim's World 

Well now you went and done it. The other office folks will want one. Take care.

Kortt Wulfe 

Gifted wood is always the best wood :)

Billy Beane 

I am planning a waterfall table similar. instead of the 3 pieces it will be 5 to make the transition between the top and legs not suck an angle and give it more of a "waterfall" graceful flow. it may not be till winter as you know our Wisconsin seasons we have so much outdoor projects to get done and a finite time until snow and cold return. I still need to build railings for the deck and stairs to the game room above the shop. ugh I n just thought of my mental to do list and feel oppressed now. lol


I don't need a computer stand, but as a HUGE fan of bow ties, I appreciate this video (and the matching pocket square).

And ENTIRELY off topic, I've always wondered: Is that a class ring on your right hand?