BREAKING!!! MEGA RECALL Of America’s FAVORITE FOOD!! Throw Away NOW, It Could KILL Your Family



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The USDA made a significant announcement involving one of America’s favorite foods. You may want to look in your refrigerator and freezer before you cook another dish, because if this recall affects you, then you could become extremely sick. The recall involves a major company who had an accidental misbranding and released their product with known or undeclared allergens. This placed people in danger who were allergic to the specific allergens in the product and if eaten, the person could have a major reaction.

The company is Perdue, and they’ve recalled at least 500 pounds of their chicken items because of the undeclared allergens and misbranding. The product was a ready-to-cook chicken item known as chicken breast tenderloin fritters. A miscommunication or accident allowed this product to be improperly labeled. The false label called it the Homestyle Chicken Tender Fritte...

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