Brandy "Beggin & Pleadin" Exclusive with Billboard Magazine


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Kissable Lips Cosmetics 

One of my favorite songs from my Fellow Aquarius and one of my favorite vocalist of all times! Dropped on my bday!

Malik Justkickinit Carter 

I believe that I'm the shit bitch you better come thru wit the cockiness

Carol McNamara 

I still fucking love this song 2 years later! Still my anthem, that woman has serious runs, you keep going brandy you are a true artist!

Latanya Kitchens 


Christopher Barnhill 

I love this song but felt the release was too premature. It could have led to an album release. But either way I was happy to have new music

Rose M 

We love you Brandy! Please do not stop blessing us with your talent!! God bless you my sister! ❤️

Jazmyn Shelton 

At 2:01 I was taken out that run kills me every time

pat White 

Yes she is. I love her and always have.

Sheanell Baker 

You are B,your runs are sick too

A R Harleston 

I'm LIVING through this 2:45!


💎 love brandy. One of the Epitomes of a humble beast.

Minnie Dukuly 

Brandy I love you and you have never left my prayers. HE will always be with you

sherelle willis 

I love Brandy ❤️

Diana Gonçalves 

It sound fearless to me too. EVERTHING. just over the top

Kefi C 

This was great. Let's all co-sign and collectively speak it: "I believe I'm the shit!"

Kimo Whaya Wolf 

You walked outta that door... You can keep your last name!. BAAAAM! 💥✊

jareace simmons 

No one notice in interviews when artist say they or the people who there referring to is not surw why brandy was blacklisted well her success fell off im sure it to her not obeying her handler or continuing rituals but they say child hood stars know alot so they blacklist them idk


The fact that you are just realizing your the shit.... Girlllllllllyou have never not been the shitttttt

Andrea Bevier 


Ebony Fletcher 


A C 

We don't need no TelePrompTers!!! She makes me so happy lol. Personality and vocals. 😂😍🙌🏾

F. Mora 


Zeek Street 

it's bad that she isn't getting recognition as she dame well, eat those grits off that plate, stop slamming my door deserve

Mr. Brown 

Please have a meeting with Rodney Jerkins and his crew, they know your voice, plus with all the shit that you have learned since HUMAN, you can really fuck the game up!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to me I'm a faaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn.

Kiasia Thompson 

I wish I could sing just like u!! Ur amazing brandy never give up!!!!!! U inspire me. Love these songs. Can't wait for more


Yes Brandy U are the "shit". Since Ur debut album U hve never failed me vocally...


I used to be scared but now I just decided to do something I've been wanting to do for a while to hopefully make a difference. I used to be soo camera shy and i'm still not crazy about pictures but I've realized no matter who you are or how good you are at what you do/love there is always going to be haters and supporters. Please remember when you get scared think of me doing something silly to make you smile. I can see hurt in your eyes but you deserve to smile everyday of your life!!!


Like oh my God damn beautiful!



Jailee Jones 

I love her!!! Humbly are the SHIT girl!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

Ricardo Belgrave 

it's like bitch what

J Brittonジェイ・ブリトン 

I Love you Brandy. I been following you ever since you brought your first album out. Your voice ur spirit ur humbleness ur spirit is what inspired me to sing. I gone through so much in my life and ur music was always their for me. You just being ur self and being true helped me to keep moving on. Your words in the intro from your Human album spoke to my spirit. You inspired me to follow my dream and you helped. I am half Nigerian and English because your music and just you being who you are you gave me the courage to move from London to Japan to follow my dream as a Japanese singer. Because of you my family and faith in God I feel like I can do anything as I never doubt my self. I am so great and blessed that God gave you such an amazing voice. Thank you for being no one else but you. I will forever be a fan for life Brandy.


That voice tho!!!!


I swear she turned into Ray J @1:55 I swear he jumped in her body and she started doing his facial expressions and everything lol

Emmia B 

Is it just me...or does she actually look like an asian

Kimmy SheFaced 

Yes Brandy! You are most definitely da SHIT!!! Get dat confidence up and say it like u mean it!!!! You was da SHIT from day one!!! #BRockaFoeLife

JoJo Hernández 

How can people dislike this? Haters gonna hate.... My girl b-rocka (BRANDY) ain't going no damn where, she's here to stay.


Love you Brandy. I am inspired. Can't stop watching the video.💖✨👍🏾

Debra Garner 

Brand, i have too get that head peice plz! in your video keep grinding music lives, Thank You!

Debra Garner 

Brandy!real music! welcome back! yeah!

Janice Whitmore 

love the song brandy did THAT!!!!! love it😇😇😇😇

Charm The Mystic 

Lmao "it's like bitch what" yes I love her

J.D. Whitfield 

Brandy, if you read this, know that you are a divine and precious gift. There are only two voices today (in R &B) that not only slay me and give me life:

Yours and Jazmine Sullivan.

You are not a carbon copy of anyone, you are the genuine article, real and untouchable.

Stephanie Hogue 

Love, love, love it!! Wishing it was longer. Feel it in my soul.

johnny solomon 


johnny solomon 

Brandy has just arrived!!! I NEED More of this type of music!!! Brandy is the most slept on Artist out today! Yaas Brandy...

Mrs. B. Bell 

Loved this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yaaaaaaassss she's coming into her own (owning her artistry) and I'm totally here for it! I got chills hearing the song and she totally slayed life...brandy came for my edges. She's my sister in my head lol. So happy for her!


It's about damn girl. You are the shit!!!!

Nick Bradford 

this shit knock in my car... smh better than alotta these rappers songs shame on them & good 4 u Brandy.